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I i appreciate the irony that he would have hated and rejected an outcast the one air of his who would actually be able to carry on their name in an honorable way and who actually had their families interests at heart whereas sursee and jamie are you can argue pretty narcissistic and like don't like jamie has no interest in being the leader of the lancaster family because he's too obsessed with sursee and he joined the king's gardens did all these things that kind of win against what time would have wanted and serves even though she thinks that she's doing what taiwan wants she's actually making a ton of mistakes left and right and rahab gonna wind up bringing their like burning their house to the ground and so i i find the relationship between thailand interior in a lot more interesting if tyrian really was the one stunned that he should have given care and respect and love to but didn't out of his own hubris road verses that being a relationship based on a legitimate reason for thailand to treat them like shit and dismiss him and like not actually want him to be part of the land or family interested because odd the reasons the arm cut open liked theories because um there's definitely a special relationship between syria to john established in the first books and that's nice symmetry the fact that it's uh you know like jog has this thing where he's rashly heated by kaitlan or catlin for being a bastard and the tyrian is secretly heated because he's a bastard but they're both.

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