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I'm all set to all the ones last week on number number for the part three and number number seven all my by the way I had a hole in one month ago more swing and well yes and then a couple weeks later he has a whole one number for which I had only one a year ago so two brothers and a hole in one how many older ones if you had your current Randy either fourteen or fifteen I'm still trying to wow found that have the one ladies and one month ago two in my career got a brown what my hometown than one in Midland I have one but I want to know him the whole as your your name on the board that meet your name now I know your name I don't remember well somebody metaphor to say who's who's west short seniors looking out west well but there's again they might make volunteer my his hand forty four critical number four she plays thanks several times a week that does they've known in the whole okay we need to take a break after this break we're gonna touch on the president's Cup and hear more from my friend Randy Petri as we look back at life for this book off course the way it was and the renovation when we say that golf course in this will be more than likely legion of the greatest muny greatest public course and all the state of Texas and let me say portable public prices will remain the same those of us in our even though we enhance that's the main back with more on the fifteenth of live return he'll.

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