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Hartford area traffic right now 84 westbound is sluggish getting through downtown and west hartford a clears up at exit forge the downside of 84 is slow through the downtown area ninety one south is delayed spots not the whole time but at ta james from before route seventy five in windsor to downtown uh right now both sides of ninety one looking pretty good passing airport road no east and west busy but moving the same on three eighty four and both sides of route two getting through east hartford forty one degrees at bradley international airport channel three early warning weather from the talk of connecticut light rain or a few wet snowflakes today high of four dow chief mostly cloudy tonight lows in the low 30s mostly cloudy tomorrow highs in the upper 40s chance bagged snagged showers wednesday lies in the upper 40s get the latest forecast on line at talkofconnecticut dot com george w bush he is now dad mao thing and trashing the current added states he learned names from his father walker bush that if you're going to trash the current president you do it in polite terms george w bush things that the president of the united states not put the interests of his country first weeknights nine the midnight fawn abd connecticut wdrc wwl w g and wmmw the savage nation am 13th six ten twelve forty fourteen seventy but talk of genetic yet huh uh yes during both savage nation contains adult language adult content psychological nudity listener discretion his avaaz have most to excite radio show uh nations homo order whiteboard coats your use the winners no radio all available war michel sabbah.

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