Keith, Browns, Bangui discussed on Fantasy Focus Football - TNF Recap & Week 8 Preview


Now i thank keith said he finally gave it gave up and would like even decided to start winning in apiece can pick him so i everybody knows i love the browns yet i decided to go who had who i think is going to win and that would be the vikings who that turned on his team keith is taking i take the egos kicked vikings states if where it desperate times colts in bangui's other schemes being played in cincinnati and for the colts matthew heavy hate for frank core what's up with that turn a spurns to find you not that i'm trying to spurs to finances the honest the matter as much they love frank gore the player i hate this particular match up against a bengals team that's played pretty well their eighth against the run over the last four weeks frank gore last week out snapped by marlin mack it seems like they want to use mac in that third down role that that sort of explosive you know that that quick quick hitting role the third down role if you will uh passcatching role and you think about game flow i don't think i think cincinnati the ball really well in this game and so i i think they're up and i think they win this game and i think the chiltern going to be chasing a you know colts owner colts have really struggled so far this year and so my expectation is they'll be down in this game and so you'll see a lot more marlon mack live ranked higher than frank gore i have both guys outside my top thirty but you have a significant differences remain i am at the moment i have mac at 34 gortat 36 i both guys is running back fours and i've mac slightly higher you were you have gore significantly higher than marlon mack yummy i just think of down to again like if the if is a tighter a tight issue game.

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