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Now sharing the profound impact the civil rights champion head on her own life and career a small and simple gesture for an icon of the legal community. People gathered the Seattle center toe honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She really wanted to ensure that every American head equal rights viewed by many as the legal architect of the civil rights movement. In 2002 Ginsburg took on a young, aspiring law clerk who is now a professor at the University of Washington. I feel like I couldn't really hoped for much better the life and the life that she designed and lived. Elizabeth Porter was there is landmark opinions were forged on same sex rites and affirmative action cases. The experience would shape our own understanding of life. The law in the fight for equality that continues to this day. This is a political tragedy for the country, in my view, were deeply polarized place and we're losing an important, steadying voice. Let's go most. Joe Marino reporting Governor Jay Inslee tweeted this tribute to RBG. We have lost one of the greatest American Patriots to ever serve on the U. S. Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves an enormous legacy behind of upholding women's access to healthcare, voting rights and equality under the law for the LGBTQ community. W S P Trooper was able to prevent a potentially fatal accident on Highway three and kids up county last night to her, Alan Dixon was able to stop a wrong way driver traveling south bound in the north bound lanes by positioning his car in front of hers. Hitting her head on. She was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI to prediction was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. A woman was killed last night in Pierce County after being hit by an SUV in a rainstorm near Frederickson sheriff's offices. The accident happened around 9 30 when she was hit while pushing a shopping cart in the middle of the road. Deputies say the driver and another motorist stopped and tried to help the woman. They're trying to identify the woman in her forties with blonde hair who was killed. County elections officials are encouraging.

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