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Lot more. Our Teo give you a heads up on. I don't want to make you wait for the next regularly scheduled traffic report. Vicki, I'm here. What? What's what's going on? It's is the Eisenhower messed up eastbound and westbound now. Well, it's just the gay pers delay. That's on the eastbound side, but the actual issues on the westbound side they have the that Everything is shut down at Ashland so but the issue is really the traffic coming into the burn. So everything on the Kennedys being backed up everything on the Dan Ryan is being backed up like everything getting into downtown is just not good. Lakeshore Drive would be an answer. Maybe for some people. If you're heading west, you're gonna have to take like Van Buren or Madison or Adam's, just to get back onto the outbound Eisenhower, which you can get on at Damon. It's just everything from The burn to Damon is just a mess, man, Manuel, We'll keep updating that. Thank you, Vicky. No problem. If you are the helicopter shots that I know it's amazing. It's they're about to go on. So if you have, like, two minutes and you're tuning into WG on TV I would recommend it just so you could see what the backup looks like, because it's a nightmare you got you got time to get out of your car and get uber too apt and buy a television set. I mean, if you're if you're stuck on the expressway now I know you're frustrated. And you're going to be telling lies any more accidents, police and here's what you should do. Take out, Take out a pen and paper or just write a note on your on your iPhone. And here's what you do. Just jot down all the things you're thankful for. And all the things that you're grateful for all the things going good. And as for this morning applied the 100 year rule in 100 years. No one's going to care that you're late and you're stuck in your frustrated Maybe this will help. How about a moment of Zen? Some deep breathing. Listen to this and try to tune everything else out. And focus on some positiveness. Here you go. Some deep breaths. Now tell yourself you feel better than you did before. No mistake. It's 7 15. We'll get our extremely local news report from Black Club Chicago next, and we have the sad duty to report the demise of the soft port bowling lanes. That and more coming up more on the traffic in a second. Here we have a sports headline to pass along and the weekend weather Friday. Ah, looks cool. Leased the sun's out, Steve. Yeah, we have temperatures in the forties and fifties in places.

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