Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Committee, Justice Department discussed on Mark Levin


A with you, wherever you go deadly chopper crash, the Russia probe. I'm Anne Cates. Thirties in New York City say there are no indications at a fatal helicopter crash into Manhattan office tower was an act of terrorism. Correspondent Brynn Gingras reports the pilot was killed. He didn't talk about the fact that there was, you know, the communication that was going on with LaGuardia. They didn't talk about where this helicopter was supposed to be going. It's flight path, or, you know, anything about the registration of the helicopter again, we don't know the pilots name who it belonged to. So there's still a lot of questions that are out there deal. It's been reached between the Justice department at a house panel. Correspondent Linda Kenyon. Representative Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary committee, says the agreement allows his committee to obtain key underlying evidence from the mullahs report. Nadler says, in his words, he will hold the criminal contempt process in abeyance for now. He also says. All members of the committee will have access to the files, and while he will allow the Justice department time to demonstrate compliance with the agreement he's not ruled out moving ahead with criminal contempt in the future. John dean star witness during Watergate as testified on Capitol Hill today, that special counsel, Robert Muller has provided congress with a road for investigating President Trump. The San fire yellow County, California near Sacramento that resulted in about one hundred twenty five people being evacuated over the weekend is now thirty percent. Contained correspondent, Dan. Simon says the weather today is not helping firefighters are expected to hit triple digit temperatures today. So, so very difficult for these firefighters who, who, by the way are battling this, blaze and very steep, rugged terrain. Where we're at the command.

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