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I can't let you throw yourself away very big heart tiger. Let's is let's start with that very successful summer movie with with another great song for Pixar. Thank you yeah that's. I like that saw. It just says what got to say. It's like so you've got a friend in its way to yourself and the score. They said they were glad they had me on it. Because of the emotional content I mean I mean that's what they think. I do really well. Maybe there's some truth in that the best thing I do maybe that movie had had to keep the ball in the air emotionally for about six minutes so you had to keep pouring out the SCHMALTZ would just playing it and says all right wealthier same song Tao small slow uh-huh all right next thing from this year you are of all things featured appeared on chancellor rappers for studio album and I wonder if you can just share how this collaboration which to some people might seem unlikely unlikely came to came to be well. He said I think that he was a fan of mine. Since he was thirteen his father appointed to that and that was you know that was nice satisfying and he wants to do something for the record and I said sure I went down and it was great. It's a totally different style of working than I get that they put it on and they tape everything and they use a lot. You know like in the background background moving cocaine around accidentally and so I just kept playing this thing I was on when it was off but we just sung back and forth. It was a lot of fun. Usually I don't like the studio and here it's an orchestra Mr Greg because you're not used to going to steal and then improvising in studio off totally unused to it talk take over in back in the bag. You deserve a black in on her back also with the gleam black slacks jacket people. Shouldn't you think this is just like out of the blue that you're involved with. Let's say rap generally speaking because here's a quote from nineteen eighty eight that I found which is kind kind of amazing from you in one thousand nine hundred quote right now. Rap is my favorite pop style because it's like playing tennis without a net close quote and you've always had a bit of a in kinship with rappers because it seems like everybody else in music they might be the other people who are sort of singing as a persona right. Yes I think so. Ah Closer to me than regular pop. It's been mile and there are people doing a character. WHO's not a good guy. I on purpose. Sometimes it's used as an excuse for Saint. Kill the cops but they do do that. It's interesting I mean I'm sure there's more than that. I'm not following well but I mean certainly eminem some big talent and that beautiful twisted twisted nightmare things a great album and and Cognac from Jay Z also sample Baltimore. That was a couple of years ago okay so so that brings us to marriage story which is this great movie that people are going to be seeing on Netflix and in theaters you know in the near future. It's directed by Noah Baumbach Lombok. It's your first dramatic score in almost like two decades assure the more but they were around the the office. I had in for Carson's it in a way a composer can get typecast yeah so you did work with no before on his comedy. Meyrowitz stories noon selected that was two years ago sort of a comedy yeah dark dreary. How did you two I connect them. And why did you hit it off. He's he's not known to be the easiest warmest I've heard of that but I never saw them easily very good to me and solicitous my opinions and uh didn't over anything and he got better and better. His instincts got better and better about music on marriage laurie. How did he explain to you. You I mean. Did you see the movie in this case before you had anything to do with it. When did you come in yeah. I'm trying to think there were big parts of it that they didn't. They weren't there but I got the idea. I heard that something you guys talked a lot about for reasons. I'll leave to you to explain the old French composer George Delarue. Why was he had a consideration because he used them in the temp- I thought ill advisedly for one thing. It's very French stuff and obviously scoring a French movie good as he was and and I don't know whether whether he ever got from me what he really wanted I think even now when you mentioned that I think he wanted dynamics dynamics to jerk around like delarue does and sloppy outs get out like porno and he stopped in his stuff. No stop playing yeah. Just one of the best guys deliver notice in the production notes. I noticed he said quote yeah. We even recorded the orchestra similarly to how delarue did it in the sixties and seventies you how does that what does it yeah. I don't know the engineer the sound we wind but it was really Noah doing that gang sound he wanted at the end you know with the engineer David Voucher the movie starts with something like eight minutes of uninterrupted squirt. That's can you explain why that's unusual what that's like for you as the composer the eight minute montage this is where they're saying things. I like about each other things. They like about each other and comedy and there's tenderness in it. It's just a lot at the outset and there's no doubt about it. The audience is seemed fine with it apparently but it's difficult to do. How long does something like that take. You took me two weeks. Maybe you know maybe more you know thinking about things and fix again. Orchestration was it because I thought that was the first thing so. I didn't have an orchestra yet. I didn't know what I was going to views ended up using it sort of chamber or extra which is exposed you make a mistake you can hear the movie as you sign. Oh I hand in telluride where you were there for the North American premier. It's gone over really well and I wonder if you can set aside humility for a minute. What is the role. That music plays in making this a an excellent film. It's all around excellent film. But what what are you proudest of. What are you happy with about the music. It requires an emotional sort of job and I'm satisfied that it does it. I'm satisfied that if the filmmaker maker wants you to feel pain sorrow what I might add to that that's what music can do make as an exciting thing more exciting make a romantic thing more romantic last thing I want to do if we can is just call rapid fire just the first thing that comes to your mind and who's the greatest singer songwriter alive today not name Randy Newman Neil Young Neil young okay. Are you tempted to do a Broadway production. Just go get the tea and finish the NO I. I don't know whether that's for me. Yeah I mean I. I tried and I never got past Indiana right with us and I liked added. When I think of it now I wouldn't wouldn't work. They wouldn't like it. Maybe whose opinions about your music. Do you actually care about. Well I care about. Everyone's all ask anybody yeah. Lenny's got other interests. Now you know like doc like I do like being old. It was always it was always letting now Mitchell from amendment. Would you trade all the Oscars emmys and grammys for mass following a larger like you're saying Neil diamond type thing and the money that comes uh-huh with that would be nice but you know that's an interesting question. I I would trade all the award type stuff but I wouldn't betrayed my reputation. Yeah it's pretty good. Neil Diamond's is pretty good too. It deserves deserves. Dab and he's a great guy but I don't think I would trade that. What's your honest one-sentence appraisal of South Park's portrayal of you. It's such a funny show so that I can accept it all right. I mean it was a funny thing. You know I was sensitive about writing. Although Shuffles Arrow three-quarters it specialists but how I mean that's what work so by what I'm showing you. This answer is. It bothered me a little bit yeah yeah. What's the best cover of one of your songs. The best thing I ever heard was another cover but I wrote a song for Princess in on the front and there's a song in it called Mattie Song that was her name at the time and Alicia keys sunit which she she was sort of trying out for the part kind of and that's the best another great one is that was out is James version of I love Godson. Yeah brave grave record yeah if the world was on fire and only one randy newman song could be saved. which would you want it to be? I won't won't be the first cut of the last album the great debate that would be a at the end of the day you know. There's this great debate speaking of going going on right now about spotify apple music all this stuff. Is it ultimately a good thing or a bad thing for musicians the idea of streaming it was good win. It wasn't monetize the way it's getting. I don't necessarily think it's a good thing from his. They won't get a piece of the pie you wrote a song about Vladimir. Putin uncalled Putin back in two thousand sixteen and I understand you subsequently wrote a song about Donald Trump with the hook. What a Dick close quote. Why has that song. I'm not been released. All I wouldn't do that. I mean this wasn't wasn't good. What would your uncle's career. You've had if they could be sitting here today. They'd be happy for I mean they love me. They just didn't extend themselves. I mean it was fine with me. I was in different fields Tony Tabeth. I don't think they did enough on lastly many years from now when we're all gone. How do you want to be remembered and how do you I hope not to be remembered. I want to be remembered as one of the best film scores it's hard. It's going to be hard. Give me that because so much of it is animated which they don't take seriously but which is harder to do anything almost and one of the best of the singer songwriters yeah to be in the highest rank there would be good made me happy up downhill where I'm going. Well can't thank you enough. This was great. Thank you very much good talking to you too. Thanks very much for tuning into awards chatter. We really appreciate you taking the time to do that and would really appreciate you taking a minute more. Subscribe to our podcast for free on Itunes or your podcasts up and to leave us. A rating is well..

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