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Again again you can go to conscious millionaire's show dot com. Scroll down to today's topic of void. The six ways to lose your money. We're here with our featured Guest Andrew. Stotz he's the host of my worst investment ever podcast. We'll be right back with the twenty four hour. Challenge the millionaire entrepreneur questions so stay tuned. Hello entrepreneurs this. Jv You know during this time of crisis it's easy to panic or get overwhelmed with fear the grocery stores look like war zones and the Airways and Internet are filled with nonstop recession and corona virus. Fear Creating News. Truth is some entrepreneurs will fail and go out of business. Some could lose everything however others will thrive and prosper even have their best most financially successful year ever. I want you to be in the second group. The entrepreneurs who prosper help more people and put more money in their bank account. That's why I want you to attend the Special Online Webinar on providing titled Prosper Twenty Twenty Webinar. Get the exact steps to take in order to prosper in twenty twenty to sign up. Go to conscious millionaire DOT COM FORWARD SLASH PROSPER. Twenty twenty again. That's conscious knowing. Air Dot Com forward slash prosper twenty twenty. I look forward to meeting you. At the Prosper Twenty Twenty Webinar. Sign up now at conscious millionaire dot com forward slash prosper twenty twenty. Welcome back. This is Jason crump the third of the host of patches millionaire show and I am so glad that you're still with us we're here with our featured guest Andrew Stotz. We've been covering six ways to lose your money and how to avoid them. He is the host of the my worst investment. Ever podcast. I want to give a special shout. Andrew Simpson Bangkok Thailand. I've been to Bangkok. What an amazing place to visit. What incredible place to live. I want to thank all of our listeners and fans in Bangkok Thailand as well as Hudson Ohio and now it's time for the twenty four hour challenge Andrew. What's the twenty four hour challenge for everyone listening today so for those who are beginners about investing in the stock market? The challenge is take the first step of opening or investigating a fund management or brokerage account at a company like the vanguard or fidelity or something like that take that first step for the beginners. So we'll have that again. If you're jockeying driving at the gym plus the baby carriage or taking the baby carriage and the dogs for a walk you could always go to conscious millionaire show dot com. We've covered you. We've.

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