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Welcome to Tuesday's show more studio. Thank you everybody for for being a part of the team hanging out being up early or listen to the podcast outcast. Both we appreciate. Let's see what's happening with everybody in the room. And what's the half say he what's up. Okay so thanksgiving. Leftovers refers are probably coming to an end right about today like no you eat them throw them out or whatever and I saw a recipe for Thanksgiving pizza and it's a way you can just like throw everything on and everybody can eat so you go get like a regular plain pizza crust so that you can do your own homemade pizza use mustard as the base and then you put Turkey and cheese cheese and mashed potatoes and stuff on top and then you bake it like four seventy five ten minutes pull it out dipping some cranberry sauce. It's like in the early morning. That's pretty good. That's good. I went to an ice cream place last night. We shot American idol until last night and afterward. There's an ice cream place nearby by it's called Salt and Straw we go over and they have all these random flavors that menu changes every week and they still have their Thanksgiving flavors up and I had this ice cream. That was Turkey and Pumpkin Pie and it had a little bitty bits of Turkey and the telling you know it it. Did I tell Turkey I I know I had. There's no way that's going to be good so I had a really good bones that's disgusting. I know it sounds that way. But they wouldn't make it if people didn't buy it if it wasn't good it was fantastic and then I had a a scuba peach cobbler. Ice Cream to made thanksgiving. Anyway was just reminded wanted me everything but the other the ice cream was great but it had little bits of Turkey and I know it doesn't sound good. I'm telling you is fantastic is in my eyes. I know it's it was salted. Salted Caramel thanksgiving Turkey. So the I know it's the crispy skin. They put a little bit. Then they're homema- Omay Carmel and they bake it with duck fat for extra originally any salty with buttery crunch. I'm telling you is great. Believe you were four and and I didn't believe it either. I love is good. The hats well not to make Eddie Jealous. But that's exactly what about today. Oh my gosh what are you what. What is it yes? There's follow me on Instagram Tom. Hanks Emma Smith Oh that's so cool. Well you guys are Dan you all know each other. Okay I saw you post a picture with him. I met him a year ago when I won dancing with the stars. Because he's a former champion so cool now former data champion. Oh Yeah and Super Bowl. Yeah he came up and I thought this is Emma Smith. I grew up watching it and so then we got sat by each other at the finale. And we we're talking the whole time. And then he tagged me a picture and I go over to fall and I was like Eddie is GonNa love this so yeah do you guys. DM We haven't a yet. I don't see a picture that I like of his and I can relate to. I don't just D. N.. No what about just watching the cowboys game and you see that playing right. I mean I always play it real cool okay but Emmett Smith follow me and it's gonNA throws Berlet Gold Awesome as always cool box doc. Look guys we are now three days into December and it's okay to start Christmas. You can put your lights up. Thanksgiving is gone. It is okay. I put up my first Christmas decoration last night. We got a big Ole Santa hanging on the front door. So I'm going to say I'm out of the UK decorate. It's Christmas time decorate away like if you're may have been decorated a credit for a while now dog. Just WanNa kill that tree every day but I was forced decorated cousin party early a Eh go at a year up. I thought this was kind of good news for Bobby. So twitter is announced that they're deleting inactive accounts. Now it's this this month they started doing it like December twelve but This cool like maybe. Maybe the person that took Mr bought a regular bobby bones gets lead it gets deleted and then you can have it back. Would you be interested in doing that back. I would be interested to get all of them because I'm Mr Bobby bones on twitter instagram and take talk everywhere if I could get all switch but right now I'm okay just one I would take it but yeah as a show. You guys are to buy that for me once birthday. But he's private is tweet. I But if he's been inactive for a certain amount of time they're going to leave that accounting it'd be available again. He's only following twelve people. Watch it bones. Yeah Okay I appreciate the heads up all right. Thank you bringing out with us here on Tuesday show. Let's get going right now. The morning shows official Youtube Channel. Go to Youtube Search Bob Yvonne Show in subscribed today the show. Let's go over to our producer. Raymundo Raimondo what you got over there. Yeah Winter Storm Ezekiel is now affected thirty states and be by the end today. The bad weather delayed or canceled thousands of flights. Definitely check your flight for the airport in other news former president. Jimmy Carter's been hospitalized for health problems. He she is America's oldest living president and finally the FBI midst of face apt is a potential threat. And they do want to be careful when you download any APP developed in Russia the bones. I Hillary what happened. My friend was cat sitting and the cat was up on her counter and she had an expensive dish there the the cat knocked it off broke it and she wants no she should pay for it or have her friend. Who owns the cat pay for it? So she's watching the cat. Maybe if you're watching a a dog and that dog break something in your house it's on it's on me. I mean it's mine and it's a bummer. That the animal I'm watching touching doesn't belong to me but it's at my house and broke my dish like one time. I was at a baby shower that I was helping host at some other girls house and I was cleaning dishes afterwards and I broke it and she didn't make me because it was hers in her house. I thought she handled it so well and I felt so horrible but it was like really nice like crystal something or another in. I would have paid for it but she looked at me and she said you know what it's just things. It's not a big deal. I don't even I think twice about it I'm the host. That's what you get for being the host so I was like okay. You're so nice as the the cab sitters give me and the cat sitter after. Yeah I agree. I think if you're watching the cat you kind of deal with whatever. The cat does while at your house. Maybe you should watch cat closer. Yeah Yeah I just think that I mean it's a bummer. But you can't charge your friend like it's a bummer. You agreed to take the animal and right launch rocks. You broke it you buy it. That's the rule so the cat broke it foods owners that they pay for the dish. It's sort of like if my kid was over. Someone's house and they knock something off the table. Guess who's GONNA GONNA have to pay for it. They're not going to call you goodness yes had they ever will. My kid can't break anything. Yeah Eddie if you somebody's house and they they broke something like dish. That's never happened to me like that. I have to pay for that right you. Wouldn't you wouldn't charge them and if my friend charged me they'd probably probably wouldn't be my friend for Hillary. Here's not worth three against one here. The girl who was watching the catch pay her own broken dish. Like don't want to count on the counter. You've already take care the cat the cat. That's what we take that back there. I well envy sorry Brooklyn Friends dish. This was years ago but I still remember how she Handled it and she made me feel so good about their felt so good about breaking the dish. I had a friend that threw a party and I ran over one of his lights and his yard. Bobby I didn't make at the end of the day at the end of the day I pay I pay money. I didn't make him. Yeah you can. ooh You want at the end of the day. Eddie broke the light and I was like. Hey if you donate that money to charity. I'll pay for the myself. Okay I'll calling on your bones right Eddie. Who does all our video editing? Your oldest son is how he's eleven. He loves movie. I loved the cinema. Nobody's GonNa do I think so. He says he's going to be a movie director. But I if that doesn't doesn't work he's GonNa do something in movies so you took them to watch frozen to dude. He loves movies in every time. A movie comes out. He wants to see it the week of and yes. I didn't see him. I didn't take them to go see frozen. I'm not a fan of frozen so I said I told my wife you can take them. Oh so you didn't go with them just reviewing you saw the movie frozen too quickly. What was it about on Elsa Elsa Kristoff spin and Olafur all back on hilarious dark and unexpected sequel? If you're reading that wound because that's like the written synopsis of it is it. Yeah I mean I tell what I do is when he comes home from the move. Is that all right. I'M GONNA give it thirty minutes in a think about what you're GonNa talk about and I'm GonNa get at your review from the movie. No he didn't he didn't write anything down. It's a big mystery about else's powers House. She got them and what happened to their parents. It's all right now. You said it was kind of a different character than frozen one told me well. He's just like frozen one. He was kind of annoying in this one. He's like trying to. It'd be mature and stuff and he's like it's like really funny now. You weren't that big of a fan of frozen one because you said you were a boy and this is kind of girly frozen to did you change your mind on that. Yes yes I still don't like frozen one but I do like frozen too. It's a lot better out of five ICICLES. Would you give it four and a half ICICLES. You'll love the movie movie then Yeah it was pretty good. I wanted to hate on has it. That's funny how are the kids. They're doing really well they're all don't really well. Four kids to your own to foster kids. Yeah one of them's a baby. So every time they go to a movie. I'm staying at home with the baby. Are you still good with babies. Yeah I'm actually really good with the baby The diaper thing is still like I wasn't ever a a big diaper changer. And so now with his foster baby. I'm changing diapers. All you are and I remember why didn't want to change my own kids diapers because it's brutal dude. It's it's it's it's not fun. It's terrible but I thought your kid wasn't a big deal now with my own kids. I didn't change a lot I would even smell it and act like I didn't smell anything. There's something going on here now. No okay frozen to four and a half out of five icicles from your son. Pretty good. He liked it. You haven't missed any of today's show. Just WanNA listen again. Check out the bobby bones show on demand on the iheartradio APP elitist from Nashville Hollywood.

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