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As this weekend. LBJ's Chris Fox reports, The governor says they'll play no role in the election process. These Wednesday press conference in Houston governor Abbott was asked about why the National Guard needed to be deployed Austin, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, he said it's his job to make sure cities there safe in the event that there are any protests After the elections are concluded, We will have adequate personnel in place. To make sure that we will be able to address any protests that could turn into riots. Governor Abbott did not come in on why those cities were chosen. Apparently San Antonio was removed from the original list. Chris Fox News Radio K. LBJ As the November vote nears, proposition a the project connect tax hike. Is getting another push by city leaders. However, local businesses already hurting fear the tax that will push them over the edge. Boston Mayor Steve Adler says the additional cost of small and the benefit is great. We get to actually do something about traffic. We get to meet our responsibility on climate change. We actually have to actually get to provide mobility equity in our city. Opponents say Proposition A would hike city property taxes by 25%. Adler and others were toward saying in actuality, is just a 4% increase. Travis County is the latest county in the area to surpass its entire 2016 vote total during this year's early voting period. Travis County Clerk Dana Debut of law says this election could break pretty much every record on the books when it comes to voter turnout. Early voting ends tomorrow, with Election Day set for next Tuesday. With the fall holidays upon US some fear a covert surge. Health leaders say they do have more beds available in can even use the Austin Convention Center. Still, if need be, But they do worry a surge could devastate hospital staff. Also public house Stephanie hated. This is a call to action for Austin, Travis County. This could be a validity we can come together as a community. And we could make a decision that we're not goingto overrun our hospital systems, Hayden says. That starts with getting flu shots washing your hands. Social distancing and wearing masks. John Cooley NewsRadio Kale, BJ, former Austin assistant police chief Jason Duster office file suit against the city of Boston, the police Department chief Bryant, Manly, among others. Claiming he was fired because he was a whistle blower. Bester off was fired back in 2018 after he was accused of assault by someone he formerly dated, but he claims in his lawsuit. That the real reason he was fired was because he blew the whistle on wrongdoing and cover ups within a P. D. Hey, Hey, LBJ News time is 5 10 right now. 42 degrees at the state Capitol. I'm Robert would get news on.

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