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Kim become a member right now. The patriots dot com slash DT and s. This is the daily tech news for Monday, June tenth two thousand nineteen in Los Angeles on Tom, Merritt, and computer feline. I'm Sarah lane and sweltering in LA county on the show's producer Roger Chan we have got some eat three stuff to talk about this week. We're going to talk about the Microsoft announcements today tomorrow. Patrick beige. We'll be back to kind of give us an overview of what's been important. And Scott Johnson's gonna follow up with some of his favorite things on the show on Wednesday. Ba- let's start with a few things you should know. Salesforce announced it will acquire data analytics and visualization company Tableau for fifteen point seven billion dollars all in stock Sabe Lobo continue to operate independently after the acquisition. Both company boards have approved the deal. The acquisition is part of Salesforce is planned to expand beyond its CRM business, and bring advance analytics to the data already stored on its farm. That's where the money is made in the analytics, these days, Google assistant support in ways began rolling out to US Android users. The feature will let drivers report incidents. Switch routes and adjust navigation preferences by voice rather than touching. The screen, the future is limited to English for the moment. It has been forty five days since Samsung, paused sales of the Samsung. Galaxy fold in an E mail Samsung told CNN Jessica dole court, we will announce timing.

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