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Studio. I don't think I'm locked down over here. See, I don't think. So. Yeah, it is moving. Okay. He careful. Everybody Levi while it's good guy. Great, great attitude. I love the fact that Levi Wallace was he aware of all the great grades from pro football, focus. Yes. Did he seem to care? No. Twitter lead time, but it's amazing how much love he offseason lobby. Got from pro football, focus and several analytic sites, including I don't know who did the redraft was at CBS sports dot com. I believe it was yes, he supports dot com. Redrafted last year's twenty eighteen draft Levi Wallace goes from an undrafted rookie free agent from Alabama to a first round pick. That's crazy. But that's that's the impact he made in seven starts. And as I already talked about it was the amazing game. That sorta I mean the attorneys and around with six wins. I don't know. But certainly things changed in the visit to the jets in November. And he got the start there as did Matt Barkley and several others. Yeah. I to have him come in. And let's face it. He came in the second half of the season on a defense that was top five in the league. And they didn't have any drop off. Right. Yeah. That's tough to do at that spot you, and you know, that he was going to get some opportunities to get picked on with today's white on the other side. With the two safeties and the game. Jordan, poor your mica hide who are establishing Pro Bowl kind of caliber all pro caliber guys who go at Levi Wallace is your next suspect. Right. He's going to be the guy that you're going to try and get a matchup with and throw it and he held up and good for him that he's one of the top handful of Cornerbacks overall in the league last year and his total grade, and it was, and that's that's guys looking at film breaking down the nuts and bolts of a defense and and seeing the guy perform well. Good for him. Thanks. Thanks for coming in our Twitter poll today, just three days away from round one of the draft. We're asking you to predict you're not who you want. But who do you predict the bills field? They must have in the first round on Thursday night. Who do you think the bills just love that? They're thinking man, we gotta get this guy Thursday night. Who is it? We offer a couple of choices on Twitter who who is the one player the bills field. They must have in the first round thirty three percent of you say the defensive tackle at Oliver. Thirty one percent. Have you say the tight end TJ Hopkinson Twenty-eight percent say that you don't think that they are locked into one player eight percents wide receiver decay Metcalf. More than fifteen hundred votes in Steve come on. That's pretty close. You're you're the arbiter of excellent excellent Twitter poll, I will take credit for this. And look how close it is. They're looking for something other than decay Metcalf. I guess too. But I like the fact too that that not locked into one player that is a strong strategy. That's not quite up there with that Oliver and TJ Hopkinson Hopkinson is a is an intriguing prospect. But here's the problem. Neither Ed Oliver North TJ Hopkinson. May deserve a top ten overall pick in this draft. You may be getting a guy who's going to be a good player, but not a top ten overall player. And that they and I may be splitting hairs maybe Hawkins is a top twenty player top thirty player in the NFL draft and same thing with at all of her. But they're not a top ten player. That's why everybody thinks you know, a lot of teams up in the top of the draft on a trade down. But if you're gonna get a guy, I think either one of those guys at Oliver or TJ Hawkin is going to be a contributor. I don't know if they're going to be all pro in their first or second year third year. But I do know that they'll contribute to this team. If that's what you're looking for from the number nine, I think you'll get it. I I think the same thing about decay Metcalf. They'll give him some things he can do. Well, he'll be able to get out there and get his feet wet. I don't know that he'll be as good as Hawkin or as good as Oliver at their positions. But certainly he's not going to be a guy. That's. Embarrassment is a drought. You'll be a bust. You know what I mean? I think but. The trick for the draft is to get a guy at a pick that is lower than what he's actually worth right? That's the thing. And I think that number nine I don't know that there's guys out there giving after the top handful of guys that are going to be worth the number nine overall pay call here drew in Columbus, Ohio. Hello, drew. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Go ahead. At first I was thinking, maybe no. Because I was thinking, you know, we we pretty much have the guy who just got that. God we pretty but the big guy thinking, maybe we get the my big in the middle. No. That can separate, you know. And then we got me. Mackenzie and in with name John Brown. Because I was thinking you put if you put it down Brown and Foucault on outside we'll need. No number one this work by convict, right? We just get somebody hit. We get players that could just open. You're not feel islands. Could get them the ball around. He is his completion percentage will go up as that that is with. But I feel for the most part we have to if this there we have to get somebody deepest. At the time because at least create a four game that we lost. We would have won. If we would stop the run. All right. Thanks. Thanks to answer. We're looking for answers to our Twitter poll, we want you to predict the one player. The bills wanna come away with Thursday night on the tweet sheet. Aren bills fan tweets in other. Myron Murphy, cornerback Washington the opposite of trae. We need lockdown corners that will allow the pass rush to get to the quarterback thinking of a quarterback we face twice a year who gets rid of the ball faster than anyone else shutdown where he can go with the ball and let us take him down. Byron Murphy says highly regarded, I think a lot of good things from from our guest a minute ago to write from Sam Monson about Byron Murphy, right? And I don't here's the thing. And again, we're I'm getting kind of caught up in what you read. What you see? I have not seen. Byron Murphy mentioned is the top ten pick berry often in this draft run-up, Steve you know, what? I mean might be able to get him at forty. Yeah. Well, twenty five thirty yet. I have not seen mentioned anywhere really is a top ten pick. It looks like a good fit for the buff. Defense looks like a really good salad player. But you want him. You wanna use a nine on him? Maybe not. See the bills have a first rounder a second round or third round her then to force two fifths. And that's where the bulk of their draft is and. Who is going to be available is is the critical question. And how far these guys drop some of these names here, you see the the rankings of the top cornerback prospects. They go from greedy Williams, who's ranked twenty fifth over all the way down to Joe want. Jo-john Joe Juan Williams from Vanderbilt at seventy four. So you're going to have ten guys there between the twenty fifth ranked player and the seventy four ranked player that are cornerback prospects that you can pick is some of those guys who may be lower down that from sixty three on down may be a better fit for the scheme than the guys at twenty five twenty six and thirty all of those guys. So that's up to the coaches to decide and and the scouts to decide. But don't think that they don't believe they're going to get one of those guys with one of their fourth rounders or fifth round picks because there are bunch of them and scheme is really important. I agree with Sam Munson. From pro football focus scheme is really key for these DB's. And where they fit on the tweet sheet from Ronnie, and when we asked a question, we want you to predict the one player the bills need the bills wanna come away with Thursday night. Ronnie answers from all I've read heard and the comparisons to Witton and gronk I'm sold at Hopkinson is the safest pick and can have a great impact on the team right now. Yep. Okay. Well, that's why we put them on there. I know a lot of bills fans we've heard from believe, I don't know about safest. But believe he is maybe greatness in him Hopkinson. I mean, basically that was the take from Greg Cosell on Friday. Right, right. He compared him to grop. Yeah. And I think well, he did he was hesitant to do it. He said that's a type of guy is he's going to be on the field. All the time is what he meant by that. He can play first second and third down play extremely well. And I think I mentioned this as well. There's about three or four guys in this draft that we've talked about in the last few weeks. The bills are going to have very little explaining to do when they pick Ed Oliver. Okay. Hey, that's the guy. Get it. TJ Hawkins on. Yeah. Okay. He's the guy or decay Metcalf. Okay. I see it all of these guys. Anybody of the one's up above Montas, sweat Quinton Williams, Nick Bosa all of these guys Josh Allen, the the edge rusher. All of these guys are very easy picks to rationalize for for the bills organiser. Nation and the fans, and I think the biggest surprise can be which one of those guys they get because there's going to be a good player there. Yeah. Can't wait Thursday night. We'll hear on the radio Thursday at eight with draft coverage come back one hour and Eric moulds first round pick of the bills back in nineteen Ninety-six. Eric is going to be live on the line with us when we return come on back. One bills live Jon Murphy was Steve Tasker from one bills drive. 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