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I noticed the uss theodore roosevelt is equally here to make a point as the commander of the roosevelt strike group rear admiral stephen cola told me there is no doubt that aircraft carriage naked statement where they go and the statement there is that we're professional navy and we're here operating as we think everyone else should as well and we will continue to do so and we will continue to operate in the maritime and in the commons throughout the world exactly right the us navy may be committed to continuing its patrols here but in the last two years china has literally changed the geography of the south china sea the major this the twentieth navy this is me in two thousand fifteen being chased away by the chinese navy as i tempted to fly over artificial islands china was constructing on a number of coral atolls the same year china's president xi jinping told president obama the new islands would not be militarized but new photos from this year show that is exactly what is now happening when challenged by us tv network about this broken promise this is what china's foreign ministry spokesman liu cong had to say we are carrying out those constructions on china's own territory although there might be different clements over the sovereignty over those islands but that's not for the united states and how to handle those bills we'll have already come to our agreements admiral swift we've recently seen high resolution funded.

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