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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Shay Stevens longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has admitted that he broke campaign finance. Laws. My arranging hush, money payments or candidate shortly before the two thousand sixteen election and wild Cohen never named the candidate NPR's Peter Overby says it's clear that Cohen was. Referring to President Trump Cohen said in court that, he'd been acting quote at the direction. Of a candidate for federal office but as he got into the hush many payments. He arranged and his intent to influence the election was easy to see which campaign. In which candidate he was talking about Cohen says he arranged payments for two women claiming they had passed affairs with Trump. The president denies his accusers claims saying that the payments were made to protect the Trump family from former. Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has, been convicted of eight counts stemming from his Bank fraud and tax evasion case in Virginia The judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts and gave prosecutors until August twenty. Nine to decide, that they want. To retry those charges Manafort is facing a second trial in Washington DC next mop President Trump largely ignored the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort cases during a West Virginia rally. Late. Tuesday Carol often, reports that Trump focused instead on campaign Staples like immigration Trump said voting for any democrat would result in eliminating immigration enforcement if a democrat is elected. He predicts they'll throw open our borders and set, loose vicious breaders and violent criminals to. The sound of foods Trump is the example of the murder of I o student. Molly Tibbets to back up his claim to disappeared on a run a month ago. And was later found dead the suspect a Mexican immigrant in the country illegally the immigration laws are such a disgrace we're. Getting him change but we have to get more Republicans we have to get the only reference to per Personal controversy was to point the finger yet again at what Trump calls. Fake news and the Russian witch hunt for NPR. News I'm, Carol often in Charleston West Virginia Pennsylvania prosecutors have charged freeze with indecent assault WHYY's Lindsey, Lazaro ski, reports that the case is unrelated to a recent grand jury report district, attorney Jim Martin says Kevin Lonner gin a thirty year old. Priest had inappropriate sexual contact, with a seventeen year old girl Lonner can allegedly exchange, sexual text messages with the team including nude photos it's also alleged that he groped the girl at church the DA made it clear that the allegations are not connected to the previously reported grand jury investigation has been prohibited for, me exercise of public ministry since June seven of. This year the Allentown diocese says it. Wanted to go public, with Lonner gins removal but they were. Advised by the to wait Lindsey Lazar skiing reporting You're, listening, to NPR news The state of Wyoming and Alaska. Held primaries on Tuesday businessman Gary trawler ran unopposed in the democratic primary for a seat and a Wyoming US Senate race to challenge Republican incumbent, John Barrasso in November Wyoming has not sent a democrat to the US Senate since nineteen seventy seven in Alaska, primary, for, US, house seat independent Elise Galvin and democrat Dmitri shine are competing for the Democratic Party nomination, to try to unseat Republican congressman Don. Young Hollywood and Broadway actress bomber Harris. Has died of lung cancer she, was, eighty three years old Jeff London has more with vulnerable charm alluring. Appeal and impeccable comic timing the Illinois born actress was a founding member, of Chicago's famed second city improv troupe, where she, performed with actors Ellen Arken and Paul sills who she. Married Harris starred on Broadway, in on a clear day you can, see forever.

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