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The city was burning down the murder rate was highest point people were really angry establishment russian graffiti fired a lot of younger artists to take control over that situation on their own terms would boss understood was nature of public space his work was a texture of the city around he was discovering his own art form the walls and floor whereas campus he was into letting be itself and that's why we're very crude and childlike in some ways the first time i saw his graffiti i said to said him to him you know you're going to be as big as andy warhol so that was a clip from boom for real this is an unconventional documentary about the legendary new york artists show michelle basquiat that takes the temperature of the scene that birthed him covering the music streets up filmmaking general grime of new york city in the late seventies and early eighties as remembered by those who were there so i really like this film i love new york movies i love that collision of arts music film making all sorts of culture coming together in that late seventies postpunk time is one of my favorite areas i mean that was not david ben is you know the the kind of mug club in the cbgb's little photo of him in this home but that's a you know much about and show michelle basquiat before this so into his exhibition this year at the barbecue a really a very busy but very beautiful exhibition that puts on bush any prior to that i didn't know that that much about him i think quite translated as much of the punt could be seems he did have a bio pic made about him in the nineties is this iconic neo contest he's not somebody i've come across just because of the various ways through cultural history but this film is so interesting it's safe driver who is a filmmaker in her own right although she produced and collaborated with hypoxia jim john lewis in the nineteen eighties nineties she was power to the scene friends with all of these people in the culture she was friends with your show and she in the flood so few years ago in new york some of her friends were affected by that and one of the storage lockers which had on earth show michelle kiat juvenilia pieces was threatened so we need to get this on film right now we need to get his preserved and this documentary balloons three or four hours length about this on the cash a of of arts was made and after what she is it down to this really interesting social documents of italian a place in the community with basquiat is almost ghost like figure winding his way through all these all these lives all these movements and moments and it's really fascinating i mentioned this in relation to mcqueen a couple of weeks ago very comprehensive straightforward documentary i sort of rise and fall and death film this film and very broadly on the moment bask yourselves his first piece of odds so it's this tracing of him forming his vision but then the rest of it that's the story you should know or you could read about someone competed this is the stuff we need to talk instead really fascinating i thought equally equally fascinating i think so dr it is perfect to make a film of this station because like you say she was waving into the fabric of that era massively say and you can see that in the interviews that she hosts so you can see the warmth coming off of vs and the talking has i mean it's probably because of her i mean there's a peaceful amendment we were talking about with jim jarmusch where he's just talking to his partner about when basquiat came up to her in the street and gave a red flower and little little nuggets like that that you think i wish i was it reminds me little bits of armando you knew his time trumpet which used the talking head format no was made jokes way that be this older actor and it was david beckham underneath his older ugly actor and this one you're seeing all of these wonderful cuddly middle aged talking about the time where they were living in these bummed out streets of the lower east side going and taking all sorts of drugs and going to after after after parties debbie harry something really funny and warned about.

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