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To do it. There's two of them eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three. We've also got the discord on air call in line rooms, if you wanna sound like you're sitting here in the studio with us in those rooms are over at discord dot L, R, N dot FM. And tonight in that studio, it's Ian, Jackie Daryl. So I wanna welcome before we get into the story, Darryl. You've got some cannabis related news, apparently, California state government. They're they're trying to figure out how to get people to actually buy cannabis in the legal marketplace. Yes. Which is basically a tacit admission that their regulate plans have absolutely failed. Right because when you look at other states, specifically Colorado was the first to open the recreational markets day, just wound up having you're like all whole bunch of money. I forget how many millions of dollars of tax revenue in the first year it ended up exceeding. I don't know if it was year one or year two, but it ended up exceeding the revenue collected on alcohol tax that sounds about. Right. Do we know what are the relative tax rates? Is it a higher tax rate on the marijuana in California? I'm in Colorado compared to California you said that the Colorado collected more tax on the marijuana. I. Compared to alcohol, you know, the headline about that. But we can get deeper into that. I do wanna take a moment to welcome a brand new affiliate here tonight. Ks RAM A N nine twenty in keanae. So not keen, which is where we're based in Keene New Hampshire there in keanae, which is spelled K E N A I in Alaska, so kind of just to the south east actually a little ways south southeast of Anchorage. All right. So well, Lord, they're grabbing just for right now. They're describing an hour per night free talk live in airing it, I think from ten to midnight, excuse me, ten to eleven Alaska time says about to ask like, isn't it? Early. Afternoon there right now. Yes. Four or five hours earlier right now over there. So I think it's four hours actually, so welcome aboard to Oliver new listeners there K SRM's if you're listening to this. You're listening later on. But that doesn't mean you can't participate just give us a call in. What is essentially our first hour, and I think the three PM hour right now your time out there. So you can call tomorrow. And then you'll hear yourself later on on the show. So yes, you can call in about anything that you want. It. There's something you wanna get off your chest. Some sort of issue you want to address where you can be heard by a large national audience. This is the place to do it. The toll free numbers. Eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. Also, this has been a huge week for free talk live for welcoming existing affiliates to our weekdays show because of the semi ending of the Michael Savage show. He's not done. But he's basically he might be like he went into hiding show in hiding. I think though, I haven't heard is from an undisclosed location. I think I mean, I haven't been following that story closely. Honestly, I'm haven't read the industry. News on it over the last few days, but our existing affiliate W, which is a an fourteen ninety and FM one zero five point seven in Vero Beach, Florida has added all three hours on weeknights. So they had two hours. Now, they've gone to all three again. Thanks to Michael Savage, cutting his show back basically by fifty percent. So welcome aboard to to all of our listeners there as well. So you may take control of the airwaves here. The toll free number eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. We talked recently about California, right? And some of their woes of seems like legalization hasn't been going. So well for them from the business side of regulatory structure thing right now before I get into that article Jackie had asked the question about what are the taxes like in Colorado and Washington compared to alcohol because like the lie that we were told is cannabis is going to be regulated like wine. Well, USA today story from two thousand thirteen which is. When the retail recreational retail actually opened already decade says in Colorado, the cannabis has a ten percent special sales tax. In addition to the two point nine percent sales tax plus a fifteen percent excise tax. So there's basically a twenty five percent additional tax on cannabis versus what what is it on alcohol alcohol taxes in Colorado are based on volume not price their taxes, eight cents per gallon. Why does tax at twenty eight cents per gallon and liquor at two dollars twenty eight cents per gallon. So it's really hard to apples to oranges regulating anything like wine here, you're creating absolutely new regulations from the ground. I think wine was a lie depends on what they meant. I think that what they mean by that is you gotta be twenty enough to buy it. Yeah. It's still a marginal improvement. I'm not saying it's not an improvement from throwing people in the slammer four having a joint, but it was a lie to tell people because most people are going to look beyond the headline of regulate cannabis like why? Oh, I know what wines like I can go to the store I can buy a case of wine. If I want to well, I don't think you can buy a case of marijuana in that particular case wreck. So you're right, exactly. But it couldn't possibly be exactly like wine because they're two different products. They'll say, we're regulating at light wide. Well, let's just get it legal everywhere. And then let's roll back the regulations and taxes. Willing to take that trade off over. Yeah. Boston data. Yes. It is an improvement. But it was a lie from the creators of the ballot initiative to say, they're regulating at likewise, California, though. Let's get back to to that issue here, California. They were complaining recently. There was an issue of a massive recall that had to do with one of the testing groups that had been falsifying some of the labs one employees in specific at specific lab had been falsifying reports, but that had to do with a lot of thousands of pounds of it. And so there was a huge recall and already these stores are having a tough time selling because the black market is we're gonna find out here is actually quite competitive when you compare to all the taxes in regulations that artificially inflates the cost of the legal marijuana. So whereas in Massachusetts you and we all went down there. And we saw the line that wrapped around the block. These guys aren't having those problems, and that's bad. I just want to clarify if a product is otherwise legal, but is not. Being sold within the normal regulatory scheme. It's a grey market not a black market, but people still use the term black still illegal what those black market gray market people are doing and if they get caught there's probably severe penalty, but it is an important distinction to make because if you talk about just black markets it makes it sound. Like all the transaction any transacting in that market would be a legal whereas you can do it legally. But like eliminate stand out in front of your house would be a grey market food service. So that. Yes. It is possible to legally sell lemonade. Right. The hoops. And hurdles, then you're doing an illegal thing that is possible to legally maybe I'm just taking up the pedantic mantle here. Definitely are. I think it's an important distinction though in discussing policy to distinguish between black Martin gray market because they're very different approaches from law enforcement and from a policy standpoint, it's not really a different approach. They're still gonna put handcuffs around you. If they catch you smell, the if they catch you selling cannabis in these states without a government license, you're going to jail in that case. So let's just gonna hit you with a little fine. I suspect in these cases, let's jump into the article here from the financial review that says some of the promises made by proponents of marijuana legalization in California were billion dollars of tax revenue the taming of black markets and the convenience of retail cannabis stores throughout the state one year after the start of recreational cells, they are still just promise. Mrs California's experiment and legalization is mired by debate over regulations and hamstrung by cities and towns that don't want cannabis business on their streets. That's annoying. And for what I understand that. That's going to be the case with the legalization Bill here in New Hampshire where they're going to give cities and towns some extra ability to make decisions about what they allow. I've not seen the text of the bills what I've read about. So all I'm seeing is here are people talking about what they heard is in the Bill continuing on California was the six state to introduce the sale of recreational cannabis, but the enormous size of the market led to predictions of soaring.

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