Officer, Andrew Mitchell, Donna Castleberry discussed on Sean Hannity


Was found inside an SUV parked along north Princeton Avenue and it may have been there for weeks a sergeant told me there were no immediately apparent signs of trauma on the body no gunshot wounds an autopsy will work to determine what did kill this man a neighbor noticed the body underneath a pile of trash and debris inside the car and called the department so far no word on his exact cause of death a former Columbus division of police officer is headed to trial Andrew Mitchell has been charged with the death of Donna Castleberry in twenty eighteen who was shot to death by Mitchell in the back of his unmarked police vehicle during what was reportedly an undercover prostitution sting but he is also accused of raping two women on two separate occasions inside that unmarked police vehicle the park Columbus and happened parking meter changes all went into effect in the downtown area today the parking rates will now vary depending on the meter those in demand meters will charge one dollar per hour with a three hour limit the plane will of fact all at twenty eight hundred parking meters downtown and will be paid for using that new app high school students will not have to be proficient in either math or English in order to graduate from high school under some minimum required test scores that have been proposed by the state superintendent they will just need to know enough to do the most basic of jobs the new high school graduation requirements past the summer require most students to show competency in math and English in order to qualify to.

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