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Ten thousand dollars is a serious crime from the IRS sixty million from a foreign dictator is a real, problem and this has to do. With the fact that Manafort was representing victory on Makovich. Who was the president of Ukraine who was deposed in? A, revolution he's now with. His lover of Janokovic living in Russia Where Putin who. Has always been a sponsor has granted him honorary citizenship Meanwhile is there an obstruction of Justice going on here Sarah Huckabee. Sanders was asked. About that the president is not. Obstructing he's fighting, back the president is stating his opinion he stating clearly and he certainly expressing the frustration that he has. With the level. Of corruption that we've. Seen from people like Jim Komi Peter Struck Andrew, McCabe there's a reason that the. President's angry and frankly most of America's angry as well and there's. No. Reason he shouldn't be able to voice that opinion okay the idea that the. President is fighting back, here is. One of the declarations it has been very very clear this entire thing began because President Trump wanted Jim Komi to declare publicly that Trump himself was not a target of investigation and Muller has. Declared that he, is not a target of this investigation he is now this is, not, an, investigation all about Trump and people may say well yeah but ultimately it is, because, it all turns on only if the president CHU Chooses to get involved in this personal way it is a terrible mistake for the. President to tweet. About this and argue. About it every day I do not see a, one iota one whit of potential. Gain for the conservative causes or for the president of the United. States. By obsessing on this rush investigation that's why we generally we don't talk about. It but if you, disagree on. That give me a call one eight hundred nine five.

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