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What's going on this morning on tell you Alexis? Dawn just gave you the dirt. And on going to give you the details in our seven seven. Let's start local, and as you can imagine whether whether weather the storm is certainly making a mess here in the metro, but western Minnesota is getting the worst of it up to two feet of snow could fall in western parts of the state where many major highways are completely covered with snow. Just south of the metro the state patrol shut down. I thirty five between faribault and Medford because whiteout conditions caused at least a dozen crashes that stretch has since been reopened. But state patrol. Meanwhile, says there were two hundred and forty four crashes and two hundred and twelve spinouts across Minnesota yesterday men dot issued travel advisories for parts of southwestern Minnesota yesterday. But they have since been lifted for now so bottom line everybody, take it very very flow because it took Alexis about two and a half hours to go from shore view to shock yesterday. So please use caution. The storm is causing plenty of problems that MS according to flight aware more than one hundred flights canceled today. There are only a handful of delays right now. But more could be added when things pick up this morning yesterday three hundred and seventy nine flights were delayed at fifty six were cancelled bottom line. Call head. Republican state senators comparing governor Tim walls to Santa Claus after he comes to her kids school to promote his education plan. The governor's k through twelve funding increases five times bigger than the increase. State Republicans have proposed governor was at the Stillwater high school yesterday. And so was Republican Senator Karin Housley house. He says the government the governor's budget proposal spins way, too much money..

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