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Doctor you have like you can't choose your generation with the doctor can't like consciously choose his or her generation kinda happens at random randomized generate. So there's two questions. Yes. So armee member. There was a limit on how many regeneration that has. Have we reached that? When reset. Because the thing is the thing with something like that. And that's that is a thing that was written into the show back in the like seventies. And when they first started like fleshing out time Lord culture when the show I started sixty three with William Hartnell, the first doctor the phrases that I'm using time. Lord, regeneration too hard scallop. Right. None of that was part of the show. Yeah. That was all doctor was just a weird alien, and he and his granddaughter were traveling the universe in this police box that like Tartus has now become on the show the term people use for these ships. But in an episode lay the granddaughter does calling her ship the Tartus because of the initials that wasn't let the official title for it. But it's just been ret conned over time like they're all called harnesses. Yeah. So the original was like thirteen generations. And then what happened was at the end when Matt Smith became Peter capacity. There was they they had squeezed in an extra regeneration when they did the fifteen. Special. So there's a regeneration between Paul Mcgann who is a doctor who the actual play the doctor in the nine hundred TV movie who was the eighth doctor and Christopher Eccleston. Who was the ninth doctor base squeezed in John hurt as what we call the war, doctor, and the reason for that is because Eccleston didn't come back the fiftieth anniversary special so they replaced so cente- wouldn't come back for it. They wrote in this new version of a doctor to kind of fill his role. Okay. So the idea is like basically when the show came back in two thousand five when it looked kind of like had the soft reboot where it still have the old continuity, those kind of a new format show. Now, it went from being a serialized twenty two minute episodes show to being an hour each week and each hours like pretty self contained story, they introduced this concept of there had been this awful genocidal war in between when the show ended in when it came back that they called the time war and at the end of that time or the doctor it was between the doctor's race. The time lords. And their greatest enemy the doll ex. And the end the time war was at that point was written to be that the doctor did something that was called the moment. He unleashed weapon called the moment that destroyed both races. And he was the only survivor of the war. And that's why Eccleston doctor is so torn and tormented because he has this guilt of being the destructor of his own race on another race as well. Which is very against. What normally the credo of the doctor is was very anti genocidal. And yeah, there's an episode in classic who called Genesis of dollar X where the time lords send the doctor, which is Tom baker's doctor back in time to the dollars homework to try to prevent them from ever being created in the first place, and he ends up not doing it..

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