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Twenty six years on the air. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave lying. We got you some tech news and commentary in this first segment and then joshua in nashville standing by and he used the ass. Dave button at into tomorrow dot com to participate. So we love you for that so do stay tuned. We got some goodies for you. Oh and of course. We're still doing the big summer giveaway and while there's no promises or guarantees if you've yet to participate we want to hear you on the air and that's all you have to do and you automatically win stuff. It really. is that easy. So when you participate mentioned three or four of the items we do say all the time no promises no guarantee but the key here come win stuff. Thank you cameron's right. Is you gotta call in to win stuff and down to the last few weeks of this. Big giveaway yep so and while we say no promises no guarantees. The whole idea is mentioned three or four of the items available. And you want you might be asking yourself ok. Well what's available right now. Well we don't have a new car We don't have one hundred ten inch tv or anything but we do have a complete listing of all the goodies available for the summer giveaway. And that's at into tomorrow dot com. Check the post. You can't miss it. So big posts says some are giveaway. Go figure and scroll down in the make reference to three or four the items because we'll do our best to get at least one or more of them to you whatever still available and we got a bunch of good. He's still available and will share them with. You just participate. How does one most easily participate these days. The easiest way than it's been the most popular way lately stopping by into tomorrow dot com clicking that to ask dave button. Yeah as long as your computer. Whatever device you're on has a browser and a microphone. You can participate that way. So that means A smartphone tablet laptop a desktop anything with the browser and a mike palm pilot. Yeah hey if you still have one and it works go for it maybe a blackberry. Whatever it's gotta mike. It's got a browser or you could use the free into tomorrow app that's on the android devices. It's free won't cost you anything no charge. There's not a cost involved at all. Nope we hope you get our app. Anyway doesn't take up a lot of space not one of them apps that just sucks up your memory and your storage so small one and in fact we have a new updated version just released this week so if you have the app make sure you have the updated version because we share with you all of our cool antisocial media stuff among other things in this new app so you could if you old fashioned like me could pick up the phone and call eight hundred eight nine nine into people still do Eight hundred eight nine nine four six eight six there. You go now. Who would have thunk tick talk. Overtakes youtube for average watch time app users in the uk and the us are spending more time on tick talk than on youtube. Good for ted talk that according to a new report data from app monitoring firm app annie indicates the average time per user spent on the apps is now higher for talk indicating high levels of engagement by twenty. Twenty-five they estimate consumers will spend seventeen point two billion dollars through social apps every year. This works out to be around thirty percent growth every year with this year expected to hit six point. Eight billion dollars although that survey was just android devices. So i don't know why didn't specify why didn't include ios or other listeners. You it was just andrew. However youtube is still ahead in time spent overall no doubt because of its two billion users compared to tick talks Measly seven hundred million seven seven hundred million users on talk for sell two billion two billion with a b. on youtube. Oac measly seven hundred million cheech. But what does that go to show you that. Youtube is really not in in the favor of a lot of people these days and that's at their own darned fault. It's old tech. It's so yesterday that that's true. And then yeah talk but now. They've increased their time limit to up to three minutes. If you want to talk to three minutes. And i heard that there's even longer lengths coming up too great but please follow me on tick-tock nobody will follow me on talk. My heart is crushed. Last time i checked still had only six followers. Of course i don't really promote the heck out of it. But i do post a couple of things here and there to try to make you smile. So it's easy to find me. It's just my name. The same on every anti social media platform that you can think of facebook and instagram and twitter and talk just always at dave grave line. A the at sign. Of course dave grave line is one word so follow me and if you mentioned the show i follow you back because i do have more followers on facebook and all those others. But that's been around for a while not that i'm bragging. I'm just saying that if you mentioned that you listen to the show. Then i'll follow you back. Because i typically don't follow everybody who follows me because a lot of times. It's just a picture of a dog or cat or or or worse. Just you know some modeling shot. And they got nothing else on their on their whole platform exempt. They're just trying to you. Know fake account because some of us are just social media stalkers. Some of us you. I'll at least talk. Oh that shoot. Don't ever post a thing. Don't post a thing talks. i don't even look at. I don't even go to my followers pages. Or i think i only have. I only follow you. I think you and camera. I'm just always whatever that for you page because it's easy you open the app and you scroll there's no work involved. Well i'd like to think that mitek talk is for you page. Oh i see. I guess we'll see a judge has ruled that apple despite their many attempts to have the case thrown out will have to fight a lawsuit brought by users in federal court in california that alleges that apple's voice assistant siri is improperly recording users conversations. Good day should have to deal with that. Yeah the judge did dismiss one element of the lawsuit which involve users economic harm however. He did rule that the plaintiffs could continue pursuing allegations that siri activated without prompting and recorded user conversations. It have according to the lawsuit. The data was then passed on to third parties. Thus violating user privacy won sear user said that his private discussions with his doctor about a quote brand name surgical treatment caused him to receive targeted ads for that treatment. Oh while two others said that their discussions about air jordan sneakers pit viper sunglasses and olive garden caused them to receive ads for those products. Which of and this happens to all of us a lot. We joked about that recently. Where you were talking about trying to get solar panels for your house and we were just discussing it. I didn't search on google at anything. But later that night on facebook all of a sudden i've been bombarded with solar panel ads on facebook and the only time that siri or anything for that matter. Same thing with the amazons. Al say i don't wanna wake up your alexa alexa. Play into tomorrow with dave grave line. Sorry had to tell me if it were anyway. Any of those smart speakers air quotes the only time they should be listening when you wake them up. So and of course. I'm not an iphone phony but you are so when you say siri it should wake up and then you should do a reminder or add to your shopping list or whatever you.

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