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That's the thing you know. His brother was laid in his grave by a yankee. There's yankee is in the tune but he swears by the mud below his feet. That you can't raise a caine backup when he's in defeat and that concludes union. Dixie entry. One three six eight dot easy two zero four six certificate number two seven three three zero in them nimbus future links in the unlikely event that social media is still exists in your era facebook. Twitter and instagram are archived at at omnibus project. You can find. Ken jennings on the internet at ken jennings and will be hard pressed to find me on the internet at john roderick although you can find me at patriot dot com slash genre. I was saying you're like one of those servers. That has an air gap. Like i can tell you something. I know it cannot get on the internet. That's right you can tell me all your secrets in and you don't have to say like don't post this because it's like i'm not gonna where what i don't even have a connection i posted on my on on my own discourse you had your own little whole server. I do my own server. People have to your neighbors have to come in and plug in ethernet connection in your blog but then people you know people from my from my discourse could they also tend to well. They're not all on the internet most of them. Now we're just inside our little. Our little ended garden. Who did you tweet do. You can find us via email at the omnibus project You can email us things. There you can emails corrections and tell us about your experiences with noam chomsky. You can support our show. That is omnibus at patriot dot com slash omnibus project. We are a an.

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