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Zesbaugh mardi lens over. There are top story on Colorado's morning news. State lawmakers want to send a clear message to the feds on immigration, and that leads our news next, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens morning. John Morrissey pay Marty good morning. Couple of new problems in her way crash along the foothills drive this morning, westbound C four seventy after twenty five sounds like it's on the left side of that westbound side of four seventy expected to be possibly in the media as well. Also, a crash on northbound Quebec approaching two seventy two seventy drive's been filled with Rex est. Warning, the latest was a crash just after I twenty five on eastbound to seventy you're heavy and slow from the boulder turnpike still passed your westbound still jammed up from seventy past Quebec where that crashes approaching and then on to Vasquez also a crash on the north side hundred twentieth and chambers still very slow drive coming out of Douglas. Northbound I twenty five ready very heavy as you make your way out of Castle Rock past castle pines and up through the tech center and into downtown southbound I twenty five still real heavy downtown and then making your way down into sex or starting at Santa Fe two to five has been pretty heavy this morning that southbound two to five drive is still loaded up from park road. Northbound two to five getting onto I seventy boy anywhere. You wanna go? It has been a really crowded drive this morning. This report is sponsored by Creighton university Creighton university where students find success through leading undergraduate graduate and professional programs. Creighton Bluejays reach higher. Learn more at Creighton dot EDU next update. Eight ten KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Good morning cloudy. Wet weather from yesterday is leaving still some clouds around this morning. But by this afternoon, we'll have mostly sunny skies in as a result.

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