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That they lost them. They valued him. So if that discussion was had with a great Warhol, I assume it meant the possibilities about playing in the World Cup. Not just a 2026, but maybe even Qatar. I want to see what you're getting with Malik sandwich. I've heard how good he is in tight spaces. I've heard about his vision. I've heard about his box to box. I've heard about the nac he has for goals and assists we're getting into that final third. I want to see myself in this first team setup. That's what I would do. That's what I want to see. Till I'm in a player lots of people are excited about notes out. I'm interested, you got them trying to get into that crowded midfield instead of one of the wide attacking positions or something like that. Speaking just from Tillman's perspective, what's his quickest ticket into the starting 11 or into playing time? Is it midfield or is it a different role? Well, just based on everything I've heard of him, it's got to be midfield and everything I'm hearing now. I know you think the midfield is crowded, but think about those wing positions. So you're not going to play as a 9. Think about those wing positions. I mean, you're fighting with some very good players. Where do you put Brendan aaronson? Where do you put Giovanni Reina? There's some names there. Brendan aronson, fresh off a move to Leeds. And recently he sat down for a one on one interview with Sam Borden. Let's listen in. As our road to Qatar continues. It was.

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