NFL, Seattle, John Mcenroe discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 5/29/17 - LeBron's clutch gene & Tiger Woods arrested


That cost would lead them would lead them to stay away but a guy that abused his wife and the owner knew about the nfl knew about it and it wasn't until radio station in this lady up in seattle got wind of and she started writing about it then all of a sudden now josh now john mcenroe has more he has the ark could do this i mean i could do this to my friends your fans would you have a guy on your team did this with why he admitted and you said it was unclear to what extent you said it bothered you it just so much that game me expansion before million dollars so when you're really bothered by tell the truth jumhur this upset you because you wanted that guy you wouldn't care with the people thought because guess what even though there with getting bad last when it first came out you like yeah we we knew about it we feel comfortable with the explanation that judge round giggs but the the of the clamour got louder and louder than you had no choice but to step away whistle so disappointing is is there collusion they making a concerted effort no i don't believe the thirty to on got together don't you signing don't you side of don't you sign it just like they didn't get together says we're not addressing the black quarterback it just somehow automatically just happens you and i both know the crooks this because the will he hadn't played well.

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