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The other Alejandro Orange was working with France on through the cleaner punches. I had scored By two six four all right coach. I got a few questions from the people. And then we'll be all done we got Christopher Riley. This says Is Twenty twenty. When Anthony Peterson finally gets a title shot? God well definitely been working on. I don't know you know in case every fight that had the off off to us from gamble and down we took you know in It wasn't US turned down. You know we don't discriminate. You Know I. I figured you in the gym every day. Doing what you're supposed to do. I don't kill right Hopefully easy right in that. That is the mission. It's funny that you ask that question. The perfect beautiful. You know we always followed Anthony here for quite some time. We went for him to get his shot. We got mad bent. Who says what do you need to work on with the hard hitting diva? What do you think of women's boxing? Today I think thank you has evolved and I think he's got a lot better. You know when you look at Franchise you look at Some of the young ladies trying to bring the ball fine skill set to the table At taking French case what you need to work on board is hurting. Because we're your mind. Start telling you buy that you tie your body stopped listening. Started such we got jemmy and Delaware sources. What's the difference in training when training a woman as opposed to a man and how much conditioning was done for this friend? Sean looked like she was gassed out early in the fight in our okay you know We try to go deal course. You have have to be cautious when you're putting them in there with Il Belt Pros things is that they still win it But nevertheless try to treat them almost almost the same as I. Do you know the guys we push you as far as we. Can we back up where we need to know. We definitely watch you during the course. There's far the next one is from Brandon more recent Cincinnati. He says if the Crawford versus poor defy comes to fruition. We'll game plan would you. You can come up with to secure the win over the pound for pound king. Well 'cause we won't you know talk about what we want to do. It would do in the fight but nevertheless sean is one of the athletes. Data's burglary difficult to prepare for. You know The people are looking at him and you know think well he's going to be you know your turn around in box. Well he's GonNa box you turn around and Bro. You know even fight inside siding outside they gotta stay alone long amateur. Could you know both domestic and international so shaw and his toughest nails. So Sean would've read athletes. That is good for difficult to prepare for. You think about every fight any sport that he asked for everybody has trouble with him and once again these questions and views are not my own so Maurizio sue them on love you Tracy says was there testing for him. Nez Or Jiminez I. I commend the opportunity and the challenge but It's obvious she has high testosterone levels us. Yeah was testing. I can't say Yay or nay whether they tested or not Prachanda definitely get tested I bear witness to that Hopefully it was fair. All around the board. You know I I would hate to. Do you know. Put out something like that. You know But you know you. People have their own opinions Like I said I hope that dad was filled with the ball but definitely Accurate idea then. We'll just to Franson get tested throughout the whole. Follow up to that. What she can't speak on other hundreds behalf? Alexandra follow up is a was. She tested by vodka or was she tested by the Texas Texas Commission. It was it was That the testing could they would definitely your show up. You know jam and hotels or beautiful vodka's the one we trust We got Jordan. Baker in Fort Myers Florida. Says will you let whoever however did her hair. Meaning friend Sean. Before this fight ever do it again and we got that set it out there you go home you know. We have a young lady that does AF stars at home and 'cause I don't want that to ever be a distraction again again but you know I I I realized how went Agility show me the video and I do. I said something all that doors. I threw it in. Ah That's it because you don't want any distractions like nerve football. Listen you spin in had no chill. You husband Dan. They're held off bad. Like Oh my God now. Let's do the call. I do recall saying to her. You weren't that Damn Hell you want. Yes yes so you know you you you. You don't need no distractions and then that's it you know and you can't let your hair or or or lack there define who you are what you are you without without so damn here go bashing more. I think that's why you know I love what I do and I love the sport because the core of the sport comes from the inner city right and there's so many gems I mean just last week a trainer from the same the area you know he said when I tell you doing like the penitentiary. I'm telling you stick them in his side. Now trainer from the same area says. Do you want the fucking head or these titles and it's just a testament man to where we come from and what we are willing to give up to get to where we got to get to men in you know I love you and coach Kabore Man. You guys are just truth tellers man. You could've sugar coated in that moment. But that's GonNa be that's GonNa be your moment forever man especially with the Internet is Barry Hundred got famous man but listen and I got about two more before we let you go. We Got Alvarado. Who Acts going into the French Sean and Latigo rematch? What do you plan on changing and cancel ensure shaw the win like I said I wanna be better condition and And I definitely want to be better condition mentally SELENA. That's key mental the mental part of what we cheat because again once your mind tell you and tell tell you about that you know. I'm tired or I can't do. I can't come Do you by Goldstein. This stop breaking it down and then after the fight title directly after the fight over if you went back to glue they could do without so. That's the pot more anything that I WANNA shoot up. We got rail in New Mexico with the last one. The says Lamont Peterson has always been like a son to you when he retired. Did you question yourself about leaving the sport art legend. Thanks Mr Hunter. I appreciate that This thing is bigger than me in the biggest remind you we got an old Jim Put a little months now. An antifreeze in Asia is all other ones that I became the gym. You know oh I get tired just like anybody else doing it. I get frustrated sometimes just like I love the game but I hate the politics of the game and as of recently I went to Wanted the tournament that young young kids and an Olympic trial. And when I was there there wasn't about money it wasn't about contractors. What boat? TV networks. It was just a pocket. The love of the game and it reminded me Din in What at the why? That is so long. Actually rejuvenator me so now sometime I fade gets show but I the SEO thing. I got a few years coach manner. I WanNa thank you obviously for come in on and I appreciate it if you want to stick around just to listen and looks like Clarisa. Seals answered me and she is ready to come on. So we're GONNA make this show even hotter 'cause we needed I didn't know about the rematch and we know about the call but coachman once again man thank you so much. You don't even know man haven't even so my girl. Yeah but last night was one of those great moment because I was fearful Texan you damn near for the morning East Coast but at the same time wanted to have you on the show so badly it's also a Sunday. I just it's like I said man. You are a true champion. Thank you for what you do for Your Community Out Dan Baltimore and thank you what you do for boxing genuine. Just thank you for you know showing knowing that you you you know. You're the type of person that you are to me for me someone that you don't have to so I just appreciate you and your time and thank you so much. Thank you for your kind words and anytime I'm accessible. Thank you all right coach. Barry Hunter thank you so much there you have it ladies and gentlemen. It's time to kick seals shields on. Yes I can't believe she's available. I can't believe these people are available on a Sunday. Thank you so much God is good. We're GONNA WANNA get her own and we're going to see and you go into the studio. I'm so happy is a Sunday and we've got to get this thing. I mean because this is a fight you know what I mean. This is a fight now like I said I do or would rather clarisa versus still fighting. Maybe I should just leave that until she comes on. So I don't have to repeat it like three times because I think that Latina does need some you know what when a champ says you call her. I think you just call her right so let me call myself into the studio and then call it. A chip and stop playing games. Gains have called me like I'm somebody right. So let's do that. And so yeah I think that Alejandra he just bust on a scene. You know what I mean. We don't know her so I think we gotta give a that fight if she could go in unify with aline Sudiro I think it is leaned sedaris unknown pronounced last name Ron but she just be deletion leashes Polian on Friday night if she goes in unifies with her. That's another American Sullivan. Because this was an American debut. Oh man she went straight to voicemail all right. I mean I just called. And it went to voicemail so okay this was a Alejandra debut do in America so I think she's still needs. You know one or two more fights hold you went to to this she goes. Hello Michelle's all right. We got us. She's ready.

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