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Rick. Tittle wants through a tennis ball at his donkey. All right big day tomorrow. With lots of guests from army navy napoleon mccallum rocky bleier cetera. Friday will have olympic gold medal winner. Joseph schooling will also have the aforementioned darren woodson as well Major league baseball and now the winners of the hank aaron awards in each league. That's the award to the best offensive player that was established back in nineteen ninety nine on the twenty fifth anniversary of breaking. Ruth's record which i remember of l. a. downing and it's jose radio of the chicago white sox and freddie freeman the atlanta braves. They are the winners as well and It's just the fourth time since the award was Conceived that both mvp's also on the hank. Aaron award that happened back in twenty seventeen with al tuesday and stanton so congratulations. Those guys bray you play it in all sixty games. Three seventeen with nineteen home runs led the league in. Rbi led the league in hits. I should say when seventy six and then freddie freeman who had co the number at one point three forty one twenty three doubles thirteen home runs fifty three. Rbi and one triple as well and There was a special panel of hall of famers who voted there was also a fan. Vote as well and Abreo be dot guys like nelson cruz tasker hernandez dj lemay mayhew. Mike trout brownlow. Jose ramirez and freddie freeman beat up. Paul goldschmidt bryce harper manny machado cory seager dominic smith and juan soto dominic smith those that. Oh yeah the left fielder with the mets. Don't you forget it all right. Thanks.

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