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Cards but this one just be if you're a member of the other political party so if you're gonna go to a concert you get twenty five dollars off so you get rewards you get perks for that in addition well we're looking for a campaign song so for twenty dollars and twenty cents you can submit a campaign and all this money does it does it all goes into the into the pool we're gonna need you'll need poster art you'll need t shirts exactly so we're we're looking for a vision statement so for twenty dollars and twenty cents you submit and then you get credit for it however it becomes the property of the other political party but that way i figure people will be interested everyone's creative everyone can submit something and there's a chance that literally their campaign song would be played from roughly from two thousand nineteen the two thousand twenty of you played at every event all right but you know we have to we have to you know focused on remember the underlying concept here is the creator better country with more options and greater political entities whether you want to call it a party or not a party and if you are dissatisfied if you're fed up with the democrats republicans even libertarians or the tea party whatever you know and you're looking for an option maybe check out the other political party dot org that is correct all right tom stay in touch with you great richard thank you for the opportunity to get the word out appreciate it big success right okay we'll be in touch all right twenty four minutes after two o'clock anything you want talk about today can be political can be edible.

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