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Good to have you along on this Saturday afternoon before the snow. It's 2 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway in the W T O P Traffic center. Moving fairly well on the capital Beltway for the most part of the Maryland cites and brief delays to silver Spring Both ways had an earlier crash on the inner loop of the Beltway, your Route one college park that's affecting the left side of the roadway. Still a brief delay to get by Walter Watch the parkway North bound south and delays in stretches between 32 in the Beltway. Nothing reported blocking. There should be volume delays, Of course, lots of cruiser out doing road treatments as you might expect. And that could cause unusually slow traffic, but nothing to really jam things up. But just expect to find to be writing the brakes in spots where you might not normally find that to be the case. To 70 good at last report both ways between Frederick and the Beltway Bellway, Virginia. Nothing complicated for you. The delays on the adult leave the toll road toward I 66 to the work zone on the ramp to go west on 66. Eastbound 66 close to Vienna Living 1 23 toward nightly Street to the long term works on their elsewhere on the trip through Frederick, You're through Fairfax County Van Dorn Street, South bound the near the exit or knew the left turn lanes for Fanconi Road report of initially reported as a vehicle fire. We're told it's just a crash. Nevertheless, you're getting by under police direction. If you're staying through state of the right 95 south and brief delay across the Occoquan, the North bound trip At a brief delay through Stafford. The crashed your triangle was the center of the roadway. Last look in the traffic camera. There looks like everything's been pushed to the shoulder farther north of 95 delays as you leave Dale City most of the way toward Newington waiting for the easy pass things to go fully North bound. I'm Jo Conway. WTF traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Mike Stenner for Winter Storm warning for much of the area. Winter Storm Watch for the northern suburbs looks good this after and lots of sunshine.

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