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Remax. The mission of saving America, as we return to the Sean Hannity show. A lot of breaking news. There's an interesting, I think remarked by new Gingrich, he put out, and it basically, it's amazing speaker Pelosi refuses to put the state of the union invitation to a vote she clearly knows that house would override her. She's being petty obviously in doing so I you know, I gotta say one thing. I I'm not even so sure I probably would be enough Democrats, you know, that do this. Now, I read over the constitution twice. Now. I'm not gonna do it again. Article two section three. The president has the authority to go through with this president can do it in the Senate. But to see the reasoning the rationale behind this key, this this is about her hating him, the new radical extreme Socialist Democratic Party, just they all they are. So they're like the media and BuzzFeed there, so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump and all things Trump, so blinded by the they can't even see that. This is now a president saying drugs. Life death matter to me more than you know, whether I'm going to speak at the in the house chambers for the state of the union, and it's too important. And we need to save lives and fundamentally that's what he was elected to do. The duly elected president now, she's elected, but she's elected by o- other Democrats fairly, by the way. If we're going to be honest, you barely got through. So all right. Let's get to our phones. Jim is in Raleigh, North Carolina. What's up, Jim? How are you? Glad you called, sir. Hey, sean. Thank you. Thanks for the political. Grunt work that you do every day. Thank you just handed the president a golden opportunity, of course, she should take it. Dude, you realize what this looks like she literally has candidate the mantle to Trump. And he should take it and run with it. Absolutely. Just go do it because of his constitutional authority to do. So. Yeah. That's exactly right. You know, what's going to happen? You're to get look, I I honestly I just love. This fact that somebody that we sent to Washington. He's he's the opposite of a politician. For example, every politician tries to hide there. How do you say there are other self? You know, they always make the perfect pitch presentation. You know, everything is thought out they never are real. He's not like that. He wears who he is on his sleeve, but the one thing, you know, people say, well, I don't like that he writes on Twitter. I'm like, well, the same guy that you know, writes on Twitter and fights with people is the same guy fighting now to stop drugs from coming into our country and to prevent bad people from getting into the country. And that is what we say we want all the time. From elected officials right now, we got exactly. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. So whatever imagine if he was in good. He was in. Can you imagine if you were in a venue in a city, or whatever Sean that crowd would be on their feet the entire speech? What do you think they're gonna do in Washington? There's so much distraction and so much dysfunction going on in DC right now, take it to the people. It is after all a state of the union speech. Right. It's not a state of Nancy Pelosi's, mind speech. Well, it's not it's not a state it is. But I'll tell you what what would you want? My prediction, by the way, you know, who's going to be in a box in that moment. And I actually think it will happen. That's going to be fascinating to watch. The news media member there. There are tied at the hip manufactured crisis. The Democrats say they say it what's the media going to do? Well, it's not the way we usually do the state of the union. Should we cover it? Guesses. I predict they probably would go Pelosi. That's how sad is that? But yeah, or they might they might know that that is a bridge too far, especially after BuzzFeed, you know, they have been exposed. They will never be never. It will never die down the branding of fake news ever. Go ahead. You get the last word whoever whoever carries that speech on the ratings are going to go through the roof for that speech. And for that night. I guarantee it special edition Hannity album cover live. No problem. Lutely. Absolutely welcome to Hannity. We now go to the president. Yeah. What? I said keep up keep up the great work. Absolutely. That would be great. All right. Jim. I love all my friends in North Carolina. A lot of friends in North Carolina and South Carolina and Florida. They do just whatever North Carolina particular. So there's a there's a group called Linda found this constitution, center dot org, can the house delay the state of the union address, actually, raise it as a question after the letter the Pelosi said it cetera et cetera. And I just read you the article two section three of the constitution, which is the applicable clause of which we are discussing here. It says it's commonly understood that the latter part of the passage about the president's ability to convene congress on extraordinary occasions is usually related to the presidential power to bring congress back in session. During a recess or a German and the Justice department website. They point out includes in opinion from assistant attorney General George Washington from about nineteen forty-seven about president, Harry Truman's requests for congress to deal with domestic legislation during an adjournment after fact. They had at the time, you know, questioned the constitutionality of Truman's requests. The president has the power under article two section three of the constitution to call a special session of the congress during a current German Washington concluded the last such session was July twenty six nineteen forty eight. After Truman issued a presidential proclamation. Convening congress. They write their opinion is while it's unclear the president could compel congress to convene a joint meeting to hear a state of the union speech during a congressional session. Well, Reagan did delay his nineteen eighty six state of the union speech, which was scheduled on the same day as the challenger disaster. But the customs since nineteen thirteen has been for the president to appear before a joint session of congress for the state of the union address. But you go back again to article two section three that, you know, he may meaning the president on extraordinary occasions convene both houses me. He doesn't say she says he. Or either of the meeting house or the Senate, but read the last paragraph getting there. And in the case of disagreement between them with respect to the time of a German. He may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper any show receive ambassadors et cetera et cetera. Now, let me get to the last line. The last paragraph, but given the letters wording. Okay. But and then it goes on while, but given the letters warning I'll go right where you want me to go. Thank you. It is unclear what would happen if the president insisted on giving the traditional speech to congress on January twenty ninth in any event. It's clear under article two section three that the president does have the ability to tell congress about the state of the union in a way, he sees fit. These also and also there is implied duty for the president to report on these state of the union. Granted they did it different ways in the past. They would just send over letter, but the clerk read it, that's not the custom. Now. This is going to be fascinating. Because I gotta tell you something I could see Donald Trump Dylan any of those things how you what he's not going to do. I mean, if you listen to the president today. And I don't know how it's all all ultimately gonna play out. I really don't one way or the other. He's fighting to the end to get the money for the wall. The congress is going to eventually say, all right. Give us this in this. We'll take this. And they settled in the mental whatever. Or he's going to declare a national emergency probably up to fight through the courts. There'll be a series of court shopping cases, probably California, Oregon anything that's going to drive it to the ninth circuit court of appeals which later will make it to the supreme court where they have like an eighty five percent overturn rate their overturned by higher courts by the supreme court. Fascinating times, really are amazing. Imagine a politician looking at this issue for what it is life and death. At about safety and security. What does Nancy looking out for? What does Nancy one Mark San Diego? What's up, Mark? How are you? You're a great American patriots. Will you too, sir? I think the best way to describe Pelosi's blatant dishonesty. Absolutely. Past. Pass it. That's such a such a great point. Isn't it? Very very exciting that we have to pass the Bill. So that you can find out. What is in it? I think we ought to pass the legislation for the wall. Find out what's in it. You sold me. You know, I think you just need to call the president. Oh. I don't know. I keep reading about all that all the time. You know, what's amazing everyone that says about this president and Mark. Thank you. Good. Call in San Diego. I love San Diego kogo radio. Awesome says well, they write these articles what Hannity talks to the president? I neither confirm is what my typical answer. I neither confirm nor deny if I talk to friends sources anybody. And when the paper, whatever reporter say, why don't you tell me who your sources are telling me what they tell you. If in fact were your friends. I just I just it's none of their business who I talked to never going to confirm or deny that. But I will say this. The president was so influenced by other people, I know back during the campaign, I told them not to tweet. A number of times. Influence I got there. All right back to our phones. Let's say hi to Thomas is in plano, Texas. What's up Thomas, are you? Hey, hey, Sean, thanks for taking my call. Hey, I think the president should pick. A midwest invite omen, deplorables and leave. Well, you gotta go to the directly to the text of the constitution. Remember state of the union from time to time give congress information of the state of the union. So congress has to be involved. Now, it can be one chamber of the other, you know, convened both houses or either of them. So it has to involve one of the in my view because then the then the press will say, well, it's not directly given the congress, and therefore we're not going to carry it, and they do any. Yeah. Go ahead and do a letter the letter to them. Willing. They're able to watch. So them they choose to watch it. It'd be the same thing choosing not to show up a good point too. I mean, you also have remember we're at a point in time where you know, we communicate very differently than we once did. And you can communicate that way. Interesting. I, you know, we'll see thanks for the call Thomas. Let's see let's stay with up from one second. I just want to make sure that everybody knows. You didn't ask of you? Can I interrupt one second? I wanna make sure everybody. Claiming my time. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. Yes, I do. A combination affect on Hannity dot com. We're taking a little poll on what folks think the president should do. So people can go to handy dot com and vote on article two section three of the constitution. Let us know what you think. Okay. That's it. That message brought to.

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