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I mean, this is what you be talking. It's vital. You can't you can't move forward if you don't deal with it. And we can deal with them. We've got this power in us. Exactly. Exactly. So doctor leif it's like, we're using the same. Where do you think different language for the same style? Same concept. They love how you neuroscience. Yeah, no, but you are you bringing in more language around the core concept of being wired full of you giving us better language for understanding what that feels like, which is beautiful. This book really tunes into that and have find that and make that part of your everyday reality. Exactly. So this is a big concept here is the sun moon practice that I'd love to share from the UR whole chapter. And this brings up the concept of our shadow a bit, which is these Carl Jung talks about this as well, the disowned parts of us, the parts of us that we don't like to show. And we don't like to talk about. So I definitely recommend doing the gaps practice first, doing a meditation first, and then just coming to a place of real stillness and calmness as much as we can and muster. And then what this practice entails is getting out in your journal, getting out some paper. And on one column, you write your son qualities. So it's not as linear as but this is how we're this is how we're explaining it here. So the sun qualities are the things that you like to share about, oh, I'm a good friend. I'm patient. I listener, I share my stuff, whatever it is. And that's easy to recall. But then we want to sit and breathe and show up for ourselves. And then write our moon qualities. So the shadow side. And be really honest. And sometimes you do this privately that sometimes hard to go in there, but it's incredibly freeing. You can write out, you know, actually can be pretty judgmental. And I can be mean, and I can be petty, and I can be stingy or whatever words you want to use. And you sit. And even as I say those words, those have strong energy. I can feel sensations coming up going, right? So it's just these sensations of the ego, which has a reaction in identifying wants to push away, say, no, that's not me. But the problem is if we don't bring these things to the surface, then they kind of remain these dissonant parts of us. So it's like doctor leaf, someone looking at you and being like, oh, hello, I'm wanting you to like them, but then deep down in the back of their subconscious, they may think, oh, but if you know how I was or if you know that I did these things, you wouldn't really like me. So it's like we're almost self sabotaging and we're not really bringing our full light. So in this practice, we meditate and then we bring up our sun list. And then we bring up the moon list. And then we look at them side by side..

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