A new story from Shattered: White Boy Rick


A lot of time that we know that the podcast and work with a forklift you guys on that there are so much depressing so much good information that came now i think that really helped with the family the m it taught them a lot of lessons and it open their eyes talking you know how john has been acting he'd been saying they visited him an m over the course of the past year year and a half i think we make very good progress that sleep investigator jeremy brewer we sat down that long ago and we discussed the skeleton families about faced a lot of the things that were being portrayed in the media were different stories at john toll were different then information he originally gave the family in to their credit they wanna come up in talked to in face to face to see to see end say you know what what's the troops what's the truth what is the real truth here in 'em after leaving that meeting i think they felt the frustration said i feel is that they were being told lies they're being misled and for what reason all just so john skelton can try still portray this innocence or this this victim type mentality an he always has a war with me you're no one cares about me no one believes me but yet he never wants has information that is helpful about the boys of the he provides so i think their families also very very frustrated and are also just slowly 'em kind of removing themselves from this whole situation and i don't wanna speak for them because it's it's their son i can't imagine what they're going through they've been they've been helpful they'd been responsive but i think they're also so frustrated they just don't wanna deal with this anymore you've seen a lot of situations writer where maybe someone is completely isolated from downside family everyone just like we were done with you yeah psychologically woken that dude is somebody's face in experiences you've had a lot of it just really depends pence 'em on the psyche of that person the more we find out about john skelton with more i find him to be the ultimate narcissist on someone that really all he cares about in this world is himself in when that is someone's dna someone's makeup when they get a you know when their feet get hold of the fire when they get presser when they feel pressure you resort backed of kind of who you are in when that is the narcissism and when the selfishness really all he's about that's what we see displayed from him is nothing about the boys nothing about feeling sorry for his family for going through this nothing about doing this to an entire community nothing about doing this to the italian her side of the family it's all about john skelton and why he's not being treated better imprison he never asked about the boyce you never asks her wonder how they could be doing sometimes even reverse them in the past tense three has in that tells us a lot.

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