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Here me do a podcast with semi message. You can DMZ on social media or send me an Email. Let me know, and we would love to get your input on that stuff. Hillsborough nine nine zero four six one. They both end in nine three five to the legendary Larry mastery. My guest this morning. One of the best in the business masters bayton tackle, if you have questions comments Fisher imports bring him right here this morning because nobody can get you straightened out like Larry. Let's go to Tarpon John this morning, John. How are you buddy? Captain, mike. Good morning. What's up? I hope you had a film crew with you and key west down there filming some shows trying to wrap trying to wrap up season thirteen here thought, you're on vacation. I tell people I tell people all the time if you if you see a picture of me fighting Tarpon or you see me fighting Tarpon look for the cameras because there's a camera somewhere. Otherwise, I am not fighting. I like to jump and dump them unless we're filming we need to face touch for sure. Creature? Yeah. Exactly, I didn't need to go to the gym. I did not need to go to the gym while I was in the keys by the bite was good enough. Couple of questions for captain Larry and Mike known in as well if you'd like Ilaria was reading a captain's corner article where j mastery is your cousin or your brother? My cousin first cousin. Anyway, I I enjoy around. Has one or two good cafes? I live kinda Howard Franklin Bridgen. I've got the use of a friend's small nineteen foot flat votes on somewhat limited in the range at I'm willing to to chase Tarpon not willing to go twenty five miles to being pulling. But he had mentioned a couple of places that I think might be in my range if you knew where they are. One is called the bootleg bootlegs. Good. Bootlegs at beer, Kent island right next to MacDill there. But more towards MacDill cut in there. Okay. Deep cut and the other one is Franklin whole Franken holes a little a little more difficult. But it's basically on the Saint Pete side okay of the bridge, and it would be the south south part of the bridge. And there's actually like a dreadful in there. And it's it's reasonably close to bridge is probably I don't know three four hundred yards. I guess okay. Okay. Alone. Where that obelisk is says welcome to Saint pedia, exactly. You can actually see the whole in there. When you when you go recorder, but that's a good spot. Westinghouse another good spot. Yeah. Familiar with that? Get out there on the edge of Apollo beach on the outside edge park their lot of Fisk it out there. But those are. My next question is given that I have a limited range, and I've got you know, these four or five spot. If you were me and you pull up to one of these spots. Do you look for actual tarp actively before you start fishing? Move on. I usually look I use. She's the visual for me in the bay. I got it. Okay. I like to see him, you know, then I feel there's there's some places you blind fish. But I would I would certainly want to visualize them. I didn't try to get in an area where you see most of them and anchor up and fish that area. Fishman fish are. Okay. So if you do not see evidence that there there you then moved to another do unless you really know something unless you got a really good feel for particular area particular tied or whatnot. But most of the time I I like to visually see them. Okay, Trivet last question is not really Relator in might be for Jim Fogel. But we'd Nyland a couple of weeks ago. And I noticed they were signs that says, no, internal combustion engines. Does that mean you have an internal combustion engine on your boat? You can't go in there. You just can't use it. You can't use it. You can push pull in those areas. You control trolling motor in those areas. But you just can't use your big motor. Gotcha. Okay. Terrific. Today's the day. John STAN touch with his buddy. I know this is your season kid. Thank you. Good stuff. Good stuff. Let's get our freshwater report where we're going. We're going to go to freshwater report from Ron out a beautiful. Ron's tackle box and lake. Alfred Rodney, how are you? Good mother's day everybody. Good point almost. Yeah. Tomorrow. Good good. Call. Take numb fishing. There. You go. You'll need to get your bait somewhere else. Yeah. Pre bait. That's a good idea. She's done for us to that. Fishing out here in paradise is excellent. Big fish right now, we're doing big blue Gail shell cracker. Some nice sunfish. There's a big variety of pan fish getting a lot of rain in the afternoon or no, okay. We're we're missing all that for we miss it. All. I don't know why. Winnow out there in the background. It's dark out there. Pattern that might be driven. It. So. Fishing, great bass, fishing, good. We're doing fixing the canals canal will get here through the winter haven chain Twenty-one lakes together right there. Excellent fishing a lot of movement. Lot of action. It just wonder a lot of little lakes around. You can come out here and catch onto shore or in a boat either way. Real good time for pancakes. Right now. Making me hungry little fish and grits. Today. I hear you. I don't get in trouble. I go tomorrow. I've been in the keys all week better. Stay home tomorrow. Be trouble. Well, I could probably talk her into that too. Opportunity come out here to Polk County. Fantastic come early. Come late the best because getting hot down Tommy Fisher fish late starting to come right? Good stuff. They can find out there, buddy. Three eighty south lake shore way, which is seventeen ninety two. Alfred phone number eight six three nine five six four nine nine zero. We appreciate you freshwater, buddy. Thank you, Ronnie. Good stuff. Right there. Look at this guy. I was just wondering what was up with the mad snooker. I actually had some people barking at me on my my podcast reviews that they me to get a podcast with the mad snooker. What do you think? Let's doing. Yeah. We're going to have to try to get you in the schedule here next couple of weeks. But everybody wants me to want to talk Tarpon with Dave Marquette. They want me to talk snook tips with the mad snooker. So we're going to do that. I know it. Well, he's on my list. There is going to join me to. I haven't picked on him yet. I've only done about think I've done eight of them. Now my child again, I think we've been about up and running for about two months. So what about four thousand downloads a week? So they're going pretty good. Yeah. And actually what I've been doing is. I've been doing a lot more about the angler or the person that I'm talking to kind of a history what brought them to fishing and all that. And I haven't dove into the tips as much, but I think that's the direction we're going to go. I think we're going to try to crank up some more. Some more tips to stuff. Yeah. Maybe you know, obviously, you want to if you get a an incredible story like Larry mastery on there something like that. You know, it's I think people want to know what you know, what drove Larry to this. You know to the fish lifestyle to live this way. And you know, eat man, Tarver tarp. Exactly. Yeah. For sure right. Yeah. Using the new hummingbird site finder the one that tells you how long they are. And what it weighs? To those fact. Site finder. Honestly, without being I guess you gotta stick with his sponsors. But what what is the best site actually show you that silhouette of the fish and a residential canal. The Ray marine stuff works really well in in in. Here's the reality. And obviously, I am Ray marine sponsor guy. But I was you know, I was lorraine's for many years and had no complaints with the stuff. I was actually on some boats filming this week that had the garment stuff now, none of the boats. I was on had side imaging which was really puzzling to me because I think down there those bridges outside. Imaging would be a lot easier than running over the top of the doc. I agree that side imaging has changed the game. And here's the reality. The reality is if you go to a place that has multiple machines and multiple brands you can play with those, you know, everything has a test mode. A what's the word? I'm looking for. Anyway. Demo. Thank you. Everything can go into demo moats you can push buttons and make it do stuff in Osho you stuff demo mode. So you can kind of get a feel for what you like you can, you know, spend a little time. Because all the brands are really. I mean, it's a it's like a it's almost like cellphones. You know what I mean? -nology is changing. And and these companies are so cutting edge now that real vision three d that Ray marine came out with is spectacular. The way it maps out the bottom Jaimie Goodwin is wrecking the tarp it in Boca GRANDE pass because he can actually map out that bottom and see. Right. Where those fish are whether they're suspended whether they're on the bottom with they're all they're all hugging. The right of it or the left of it. I mean, it's it's some really neat stuff. But all the companies do really neat stuff. So you just have to get in there. Find a price point that makes you happy for your budget. And then find the machine that gives you the tools that you need to go catch. We'll say this the bigger screens Deva's an advanced bigger screen. I like the twelve. Eleven twelve. Ever marine twelve a my lower and a nine upstairs in my tower. And it's it's a really nice setup. I was on a boat. I was on a boat a forty four contender S T their new flagship boat, and he had twin twenty four inch screens on it. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Sixty thousand dollars electrons. So those like, yeah, I'm out of that whole thing. But it was impressive to look out. I mean, it was it was something else. Sixty. Impressive like a hundred sixties brother. Laughed at me when I told you never had a GPS on my boat finder. It's crazy. You know, what I think about that? Especially when every time I pull into key Largo, one of the very first time, I was ever in the keys. I went down there to fish red fish tournament. And we were running out of key Largo because the ranger dealer was in key Largo and ranger was tied to the IFA back, then so I didn't have I was running a little action craft flats boat in nineteen and I didn't have a GPS or fish finder on it will now we had to run to the Glades. And if you ever on the keys, you know, it's all about like little woods sticks with a little pointer on top to tell you which side of the channel beyond and you're running in two and a half three foot of water. And on each side. You can see the mangrove flutes are out of the water where there's six inches of water on the side if there's a boat coming through that chute, but you can't see the other end of you're not both gonna make it through my head to run it. I had to run it all off the maps you had to you know, in your compass, which was like, what is this whole having to use the stuff we learned in captain school crap. I mean, it was terrible. But we did it. I always think about that. When we went down. I don't know how you would do it at night without a machine I. Tonight. Yeah. Yeah. Is like a vampire or now at night. But I guess the damage the daylight. Black guerrilla grass everywhere. I call it grill is not. I call gross not too. And I'm not sure what that is. There's a lot of it. Yeah. There's a lot of it this year. And it seems to be I don't know. I don't know it is. I mean, I've dealt with it. But. Beats me to come little later than this July. Does this come later because we do a lot of bottom fishes stuff on the beach. You you're you're not fishing. Many places the last three nights in a row that I couldn't because of eighty wait guerrillas not. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what that is either. I don't know how. You're next caller. I really appreciate it. You know, I heard Larry I got a call. Appreciate knows where you're going. Here for you there. Yeah. I was gonna call you make sure you're alright. Run around out there in the dark all crazy like so I'm glad you're doing nights shoot. I wanna do. Let's schedule that that's a good idea that schedule that for the fall, and we're gonna I'm gonna touch base with you here probably next week because I need to get that podcast with you..

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