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Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst the second case of the corona virus has been detected in California and that brings the number of confirmed cases in the US to nine with four in California Santa Clara county health officials say a woman who travel to hunt China develop symptoms but hasn't been sick enough to be hospitalized and has been regularly monitored this case is unrelated to the first case in that county health officials say that means there is no person to person spread of the virus in Santa Clara county so far and in France a second French chartered plane carrying more than two hundred fifty evacuees from China has landed and peers Eleanor Beardsley reports officials say none of the passengers had symptoms of the corona virus when they left behind the giant Airbus a three eighty landed Sunday at a military base in southern France on board were people from thirty nations French Belgians Dutch Danes check Slovaks and some African citizens all desperate to flee the epicenter of the crisis authorities haven't set up the returnees would be put into quarantine but two hundred French nationals who returned on a flight Friday were put in isolation for fourteen days the French foreign minister says the non French citizens will be able to return to their home countries joy of a delay all also hailed what he called excellent cooperation with Chinese authorities in getting foreigners out Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris put a judge wrapped up his final Iowa rally before tomorrow's caucuses asking a crowd of more than two thousand to imagine waking up on the first date the Donald Trump is no longer president if yours don Gonyea reports voted you was on stage in a domed high school basketball arena in des Moines urging a noisy audience to think about life after trump are we ready to say goodbye to the chaos in the corruption are we ready to say goodbye to the cruel to you in the division recent polls have consistently but booted you among the leading democratic contenders in Iowa this weekend the help eleven events and venues large and small all over the state don Gonyea NPR news des Moines president trump will give his state of the union address Tuesday night in the capital where his impeachment trial is still under way he's expected to declare that the state of the union is strong even when it's bitterly divided as he asks Americans for a second term trump is the third president in U. S. history to be impeached but he is expected to be acquitted in his Senate trial on Wednesday both sides will give closing arguments tomorrow than a Wednesday eight senators will vote on whether to acquit him remove him from office Super Bowl fifty four is under way at the hard rock stadium in Miami what with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the San Francisco forty Niners the first time these two teams have faced off in a Superbowl.

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