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Who won that remarkable Rose Bowl against heavily favored. USC led by Vince young number two the, two thousand eight Florida Gators and at number three the. Two thousand and one Miami hurricanes one of the leaders of that team joins us now here in the sporting. Life to register he's complaints about, being, only, number. Three on that list responding with Bryant. Mckinnie, the former all pro linemen. In the NFL who want Super? Bowl with, the Baltimore Ravens I believe that was Super Bowl forty seven Brian thank. You so much for joining us oh thanks for having me Brian so why are you. So outraged I mean what's wrong with number three think they, just wanted, to use, my tickets Some kind of controversy going and did the. Story because everyone their right mind knows I mean that's all day and we had the most rapid from art. Classes are the most I Brown, yeah, five, my. Year and like fifty years following on. Top, of records almond on have. Long career as a lot of? Pro Bowl, things like that like it doesn't even add up it doesn't make sense Second, team could be a lot of people's first, team at that time I got to tell you Bryant you know I think you. Have a, legitimate gripe here I think that was an awesome team there was obviously incredible talent on that, team, can you talk about some of the best players who your teammates that your two thousand one team in two thousand one we, had I mean, Andre Johnson we had Jeremy shockey. Sean unit Ed Reed Intro bro yeah Jonathan Vilma. Like they've, been for, DJ Williams Vernon Carey yeah Clinton Portis afraid Me gay he Oh. Perish usally. Buchanan Jimmy shot you already. Had my wrong myself you had a lot of people a majority of people name offering around the probably one person. Like, so. That alone And then all of us, went on to have, you know Greg Caribbean and so that alone she lets you, know like that was a great team and so we w at number one do you think Brian we're speaking with, Bryant mckinnie to former all pro offensive lineman perhaps most notably from the Baltimore Ravens who won a national championship playing for the Miami hurricanes in two thousand one and I covered college football the following season in two thousand two when everybody thought the hurricanes we're going to repeat because so many of those. Talented players were back and of course they. Were heavily favored going into the, fiesta bowl at the end of the season against Ohio State and lost that game now you can't be held responsible for that you were. Already in the NFL but is it possible. That people are holding holding it. Against the two thousand one team that the two thousand two team did not repeat you can't really hold that against No one because two thousand one. Different players on the two thousand Here, different leaders and I mean really if you looked at that game like they won Had won the game fireworks went off and then Late flack him I don't know where you know that Ohio State winning because I was actually at the game, that time as a spectator At the end the Davis defects in fact. The seventeen guys on that. Roster and all got dressed in the I found you had thirty eighth player overall directly to the NFL wanted, there isn't really much discussed we're speaking. With Brian McKinney who spent twelve seasons in the NFL with the Vikings at first and the ravens and then. The dolphins over the years, I've had the opportunity to speak to a lot of guys from Miami played for the hurricanes in different, eras going back to the eighties those great teams with Jerome Brown and Michael Irvin all the way up through your era and beyond what why is there. So much? Pride in so much so much of? An effort, on the part of guys who played there to, always identify themselves as hurricanes. Can you can you describe? What it's all about you know what's funny is our school. Is the private. School so not even that big you know what I mean. People just assume because of the program that's a big big so we are so it's almost like being in our own Fraternity so take pride in you know sticking around having some back. Is the? Culture of the school we learned that? From the, guy before so that's how we handle things and, we passed along to the. Guys that have come behind? This things like that so there's this thing because really small. School do we. Know is not many of us the program Athletic wise he's really big I think, that makes us. All kind of stick together why you hate the university of Texas can you explain that to me Yeah I mean there is? There's some is some deep seated, hatred of, the university of. Texas you're not today did they not offer you scholarship. Is that what this is all about. Can you tell us the truth We are the number one they know it is they probably, weren't shock Florida Atlantic chocolate way what does it mean far. From April April Fools you know as well as I do Bryant that all these lists are are silly in the whole point is to get people upset especially people who feel like the somehow been snubbed or underrated so do you feel like you're playing into the hands of ESPN dot com by even. Complaining about this ESPN dot. Com. New to, put that out because they knew it will pause up rage and it would. Just traffic to. Their site and they have people? Talking about it and that's what they're? Doing so thank you once again Using a university of Miami But see but you're you're playing into it could, a big blow, and again because you know everybody has, to come back to us us us for something like the bad guy or do something For years now you grew, up in New, Jersey you understand how the media works you're from near the media cap off the world I mean We do need them to come forward let them know like it was all a. Hoax Miami really number one lead been speaking with the. Two thousand one outlived trophy winner from the national. Champion hurricanes of the. University of Miami clearly the greatest college football team of the BCS era, it's really been a pleasure speaking with. You Bryant you've got my vote I, feel just as agreed as you, do about Texas being number one your outrage to. Our aged Thanks Brian up.

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