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Them together and said get the black clothing on and head out and is this was it it's fifty years ago to this moment now in then and Bentsen earlier in his life when he was in his twenties I mean he got into trouble he went to jail he hit you went to jail for a forged check situation he stole a car he did some petty things but he he really didn't do the serious stuff until what point well when he got out of jail finally in nineteen sixty seven it was that it was a con man extraordinaire he had survived in the prison system a small guy a runt of a guy who's the was it was threatened by prison is and so with this move pound and a line of attack he took his way out of trouble and stayed in one piece in prison now he got out and all of a sudden it was the summer of love the year of love sex drugs rock and roll easy sex and Manson thought he'd landed in paradise and with his con man skills he turned it into his own bizarre or full paradise with goes doing his total octet bidding not she wanted to be a musician you use claim to be a singer songwriter and one of the stories that I've heard and maybe you can cooperated I've off to tell us whether the people who were in the house the night they were murdered we're in the wrong place at the wrong time because we're clear number of record producer didn't they live in that house before in manse in they turned down Manson for any kind of a possible jobs as a singer song writer in the U. in he wanted to get them well that's the that's the sort of popular story George but let me tell you what I mean it was it was a situation Charles Manson desperately wanted to be a rock star and in fact if we become a rock star you and I probably wouldn't be talking at this moment that's right Manson had dreams to become a rock star he met through Dennis Wilson the drama of the beach boys he met Terry Melcher Terry Melcher was a hot shot record producer with the birds and all those groups of the sixties and Terry Melcher was in nam at Terry Melcher by the way was the only son of the late Doris Day and he was at a record producer who had the birds and other groups and Manson met him at the home of Dennis Wilson because believe it or not Manson and his girls became powers he well is he with Dennis so much so that Dennis invited Manson the goes to move into his mansion on Sunset Boulevard and that that became the entree for Charles Manson to meet rock and roll people including Terry Melcher and that to get down to RGO question Terry Melcher was kind of AT attracted to Manson he liked his lifestyle he saw that he had these twenty five it's new bio semi naked girls doing his total betting he wanted to be a rock star now she was looking for some new talent and Melcher auditioned him but then went off Manson the Manson was very upset about that in nineteen sixty nine the Beatles are the the beach boys reworked one of Manson's songs called never learn not to love and put it in an album of call twenty twenty I got a clip of the beach boys doing Manson song here we go.

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