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From Dale city come into Woodbridge dealing with foggy conditions area wide and their logs please be careful with limited visibility take it easy at their spring field north on three ninety five to the fourteenth so far so good nothing report in your way sixty six same your wide open at Haymarket although in Roslyn so far early traffic moving well that weighs quiet between Alexandria and McLean couple issues in Maryland first out of Frederick County toward Montgomery County on twenty eight new design red vehicle off the roadway into a tree we believe the roadway maybe blocks of follow police direction at a Pasadena and around the county one hundred west found near the Arendal expressway route ten it's been reported cries maybe involving an overturned vehicle quiet between about ways on ninety five in the B. W. parkway we have brake lights at a Frederick be aware leaving seventy of the slow on the two seventy south bound the pace is improving beyond them and I can see into our banner in your wide open headed toward the lane divider because just off of seventy both directions himself on two seventy again lanes open the twenty twenty Cadillac X. T. six with available night vision so you can drive more confidently in the dark now it's your Washington DC area Cadillac dealer Jack Taylor WTOP traffic Wednesday morning is going to be thick fog for much of the region keep your speeds down and leave a little extra distance temperatures in the upper thirties and low to mid forties right now and once our skies bright and clear out a little bit later on in the afternoon it'll be a nice day today is I fifty six cloudy tonight maybe a drop or two of rain temperatures around fifty tomorrow morning but temperatures falling through the day tomorrow with a strong northwest wind cold and breezy on Friday high only thirty nine is still watching out for a threat of a wintry mix on Saturday I'm starting for meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP not bad templates around the area this morning but I can't say enough how dangerous that fog can be when you're on the roads it's at forty five degrees in East River Dale this morning College Park forty four in Annapolis it is forty seven degrees here outside the glass and lows near center in friendship heights forty two from your neighborhood to Washington the most trusted W. C. O. P. sometimes the apple your smartphone doesn't give you the full story a crash involving the overturned tractor trailer near the Woodrow Wilson bridge the earlier flooding is receding and both of your lanes are open outer loop before River Road downed tree along the right side but it's in the next lane with a fuel leak their training the saddle tanks right now there's a hazmat crew on the scene WTOP he gives.

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