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The Detroit Lions this upcoming football season with the man that was once a trombone player in high school, then turned into a seven time NFL Pro baller. And that is Lomas Brown will stop by and now 19. Then it's the preview the Detroit Lions where I'm gonna be honest here. There's not a lot of optimism with Detroit this year. I think this is a map Patricia's final year in Detroit. Maybe after this year, they look to move on from Matthew Stafford, who I like Matthew Stafford's game a lot and he was kind of MVP candidate Matthew Stafford. Last you would never want because the lines are bad football team, but he was really playing good football last year before the injury. You got some names on offense with with Gala Day at wide receiver. You also got Marvin Jones. Danny Amendola their big year for TJ Hawkinson. Now in your number to the Iowa tight and about those tight end from Iowa, Haakenson in the No offense, they gotta have big years this year. And for the Broncos. Look at that offense. I like that offense will get the jury lock in just a second. For the lines. I just don't have a lot of faith in them. I don't and I know they brought in a lot of patriots in the last two years. You got trade flowers there. Now you got the Ron harm in Danny Shelton and Jamie Collins. I think this is another ugly year for Detroit. I guess a positive for them this year if they could finish third in that division. That would probably be positive. You see the Bears or Detroit? One of them will be the 31 of them will be the foreign that division. Does one into football coin. It will be Minnesota. Or it will be the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota made nice move over the weekend. Getting Anakin got away and for Green Bay, even though they'll run the football more. And two years ago, they were dead last in rushing the football in terms of attempts per game Last year, they were middle. The pact improved by 456 carries a game. Matt will further your number one. I think they're going to run the football even more this year. Has he got a J. Dylan Theyjust trapped in the second round. He still got Aaron Jones. And you have Williams as well. So that's a runningback group that I think this year in your number two guy to run the football even more, and you're always going to watch the relationship. With Rogers and the floor and brain Brian. Good occurrences well and to see Where that relationship will be, and I've been impressed with Roger so far because of I'm an Rogers and I have the clout that I have in the National Football League and they didn't really improve this team from a year ago. I would be no Anneli not approve the team. There's just the quarterback in the first round your quarterbacks getting up there in age. Tio not address the rest of the issues and not take a wide receiver in this draft class last year. With how deep this draft class was that something I don't get it? I really don't Rogers, though, I He has every right to be livid. We know he's upset. He's saying all the right things, though, in that interview of Kyle Brandt, and the way that he's handling it and good on him. Is he could have played the stubborn, annoyed type of Ann Rogers roll and I don't think anyone would have faulted him. I don't believe anyone would have faulted him would not get a legitimate number two wide receiver. Still some questions on that run defense. Even the last year, they added Za'darius impressed in Smith. They did extend Clark, whose Ah, very good, underrated player in this league. If I'm Roger's, though, I'm sitting back and when I'm kicking it this summer, whether it's whiskey to kill whatever he drinks these days. And I'm looking at what this team did. Coming off a 13 3 season. Where for Being honest was not a strong 13 and three season. I know that sounds crazy because there's a lot of fan bases that would take 13 and three especially Khanna Green, right. You're a Jets fan, Connor. I'm a Jets fan. We would take 13 Infinity. No matter how it happened, we would take it, But you look at a team like Green Bay. I never looked at them last year and said, Wow, They're a great football team that their two best winds were against Minnesota. Yeah, they squeeze buying a lot of games. Nobody really thought they were that great. That's why I'm going to the playoffs. Nobody really expected them to, like, make a huge run, And then they get against 49 or the 40 Niners. And they just get absolutely steaming old doors blown off, and a lot of people were like, Okay. That's kind of what we thought would happen at some point to this team because nobody looked at them as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Yeah, I agree. And if I'm Rogers, I'd be annoyed that in my later years here trying to win another ring. They basically told me I got 3 to 4 years left for Rodgers know the part that I give him credit for, he could. It came into camp in all sour grapes that maybe with all that did go on in the world. It changes your perspective a little bit. And you don't wantto portray that image publicly for Rogers, though, if he did give the media a little wiggle room and didn't say all the right things, and they would've ate it up and and right into that storyline, even more and people going to ask about Jordan law than the dynamic all throughout the year. Rogers, though, by saying the right things that at least say I already answered all those questions were onto this season. And let's only talk about things with this upcoming season because I can't control the future. So that part I do give Roger's credit for when we get into the quarterback position, though moving on from from Green Bay, and I, actually I did put a poll question up there. If you want to chime on in with beach and read both get extensions, tie them together. For the next six seasons who wins the FC in 2020 Chiefs, Ravens or other early returns right now, 39.3% say chiefs 16.9% say Ravens and then how about this? 43.8% say other Who's the team? They are people really buying that much stock into Pittsburgh. Is this Bill's Mafia hijacking the poll question. Our people believe in Bella checking camera, It'd be a dynamic duo. I don't see how you take the Broncos, the Raiders of the Chargers, even if you couldn't stand Kansas City. Maybe it's a lot of love for you. I'm gonna make people after the Browns. There'll be a play off the legs of a supermodel, I think believe it will be a play off team. People really much love Tennessee last year. Do you love Tennessee? Connor? Are you like May where they gave that four year to Tannehill a four year deal. Tana what? I'm just still not convinced he's the guy. I mean, He played really well last year, but it was for basically one half of the season, the second half and he wasn't even really the reason they wanted playoffs. It's Derrick Henry. So the idea that you're going to rely on Are running back in the running game running through every team like they did last year, which is uncharacteristic in the NFL. I don't buy into them being this great, big time seemingly FC, but maybe people in the polar just saying, Look, if you give me the fields, I'll take the field. Get me 13 teams. I mean, why not? Maybe some people living under a rock and they don't know that Brady left New England. That could be a possibility. I actually I don't think Tennessee's I know people are going to probably slam me for this. I don't think Tennessee's making the playoffs this year and I usually like Tennessee. I like Vrabel. I like the names on that defense. Offensively. Derrick Henry is an absolute bell cow back anally that usually don't see Bell cow backs anymore. The way they win is what they did up against the England.

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