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Also by lows. Fault might just be my favorite season and lows is definitely my favorite place to get ready for it, especially during Labor Day from fall garden gear to seasonal decor. They have it all at a great price. Busy week two in college football has begun. 12th ranked Oregon shorthanded on defense for number three Ohio State defensive and Cavon Thibodeau, along with linebacker Justin Floor both out So far. It hasn't been hurt the Ducks at all. They were able to keep the Buckeyes out of the end zone and a couple of drives that got into Ducks territory. We're still scoreless Oregon and Ohio State 3 24 remaining in the first quarter. Only one of the game going. That's right now. That's 4 18 remaining in the first quarter got 25th ranked Auburn a three Nothing advantage on Alabama state Coming up top of the hour. You got 13th ranked Florida taking on South Florida later, para top 10 teams will hook up Iowa's on the road for Iowa State the night of land with 14th, ranked USC taking on Stanford. NFL Cowboys lost starting tackle Lyle Collins for five games for bilingual substance abuse program cults. Their reward running back 19. Heinz, with a three year extension, put them in the top 10 and salary for running backs. NBA Lakers, Reportedly Trademark castle back to the Grizzlies were now expected to release the veteran so he could remain with his family in Spain baseball Trevor Bauer not expected to play the remainder of the season, including playoffs. As the administrative leave is expected to be extended through the entire postseason. On the field. You got the Giants and Cubs. That'll begin today's action about two hours from now. Later tonight, the Mets will host the Yankees bombers have lost seven straight 11 of 13. But this one is going to be more about the 20 year remembrance of 9 11 teams will be done in caps to honor the NYPD the F D. N y. Port Authority Police Department of Sanitation Department of Correction as well. With the likes of Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, along with former managers Bobby Valentine and Hall of Fame for Joe Tory, expected to be on hand as well. For the first time since Serena Williams met Martina Hingis in the 1999 US Open women's final. We've got a pair of teenagers battling out for the crown later this afternoon. 19 year old Leila Fernandez will take on 18 year old Amerada Cano. Remarkable,.

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