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I was reading drew trips piece from. ABC News four about this legal concept called separated sovereigns which basically says that states or completely separate entities from federal government so since Timothy had been convicted by the state in two thousand eleven. It's actually not double jeopardy for the federal government government to come along in two thousand sixteen and arrest him again for the same crime like it's unusual but apparently not illegal so now federal prosecutors are arguing that even though Timothy pled guilty for his role in the McDonald's robbery he got such a light sentence that they want to bring him up on federal charges that carry some much harsher sentences all the way up to to life in prison so no deals like nothing that is unless Timothy can give them some more information about what happened to Britney Drexel. Okay so let me get a straight. They're basically threatening to charge him again with a potentially harsher sentence. But it's more than likely just to get more information information on Britney's case exactly now timothy claims. He has no idea what happened to Brittany and that he only knows her from the news because her case was such a big deal oh now his lawyers meanwhile argue that this is all a ploy by desperate law enforcement officials on their last leg of a case that they can't solve. I mean it definitely feels like they're trying squeeze some sort of information on him but they have to believe that decline is credible for them to go through all of this right right so to. Quan claims to a passed a polygraph polygraph test and we know from the FBI's testimony that they did talk to other witnesses. Who corroborated at least some of to Quan statements? But I mean there's still no trace of Britney's knees remains even after renewed search efforts through the alligator habitats in and around this area that they said they left her in. I mean if alligators is what they're thinking like. Would there be anything to find. No you know I probably not. I don't think there would be But I think this just shows you how seriously that they were taking that they would even go go look for them even if they thought they weren't gonNA find anything now. According to court documents from two thousand eighteen part of Timothy's plea bargain for the federal charges involves a reduced due sentence. If he can pass a polygraph test so he's hooked up to the machine and the person administering the test as if he knows who was involved in Britain's disappearance Timothy says no I don't know the administrator moves on did you timothy ever see Brittany in person again. Timothy Says No both times times. The machine registered deceit indicating that Timothy is lying and he failed the polygraph as a result. There's no incentive for the court to Lower Timothy sentences ends and now there's nothing for dawn to do but wait since this feels like the most tangible lead they'd had seven long miserable years while she waits and prays for justice more information emerges with some truly disturbing connotations mm-hmm. This episode was made possible by future. I absolutely love my Apple Watch. It helps me keep track of so much much in my life. My heart rate my emails even location on my phone because I'm constantly misplacing it around my house but there's something truly amazing that I'm obsessed with about my Apple Watch lately. It helps me. Take my very personal trainer with me all the time. I use an APP called future that has revolutionized the way I track and achieve my workout goals. One of the toughest things for me to do is actually get to the gym. But my trainer knows that and customize my plan with guided workouts. I can do from home even letting me know if there's any equipment I may need to complete the workouts plus if I actually do brave the frigid Indiana winter. Two to one of my favorite classes. They incorporate that to future pairs you with a truly world world class trainer who checks in with you'd keep you on track sending taxed making adjustments to your workout plan and following along with your progress logged on your Apple Watch. Don't have an apple. Watch no problem when you sign up they send you everything you need including an apple. Watch don't overpay for a trainer you can get the workouts. You need to me all your fitness goals and take your trainer with you wherever you go sign up for future today at try future dot com slash crime junkie.

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