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They can match a score for score. That's what I'd do. If it's Todd. Maybe this is crazy. But I mean, I'm who I am. I'm ella. Pama? Well, I got a morph to try. Beat oklahoma. Why? My thought is this like this is I mean, you could make an argument that Alabama's offense here in this game. I mean, I think Oklahoma is but it's not by much. This is to best offense is an all college football. You have a massive outlier. Right. You have one of the worst fits that college football you on the best offenses. Why would you not take advantage of that why because you wanna short and the game you want to go be army? You wanna limit possessions? Kyle Murray why when when you've got as far as defensive efficiency, the number three defense and college football adjusted defensive efficiency, it's number one. Like, we forget how good this Alabama defense is as good as Oklahoma's on offense. They have not faced anything in the stratosphere as what they're gonna see against Alabama. So to take the mindset and go in and say, we gotta play ball control. We've got limit calumnies ability to touch the football. I just wouldn't do it. If I've got horses like Alabama to me. I take the approach. This is who we are. We're gonna line up and play our game. And we believe our defense is going to get far more stops than the okay? Mahama defense. That's the way I would go into this. I almost feel like if you over analyze it. And you try to look at an army you take away. What's made you so dynamic all season? And it's exactly pain alluded to how they've thrown when traditionally you've always expected Alabama to run in those situations. I mean, I think there's so many questions with those two units matched up against each other knowing how good Alabama's you guys outlying there. They've been offensively in terms of quick ability and some of Oklahoma struggles on the defensive side of the ball. Obviously. The other matchup worth watching is kind of strength on strength Oklahoma offensively against Alabama's defense and paying ask you. I mean, we bet the game over in the SEC championship came out fortunate push at sixty three but can Oklahoma employ some of the same tactics that we saw Georgia using the title game showing balance and not only the passing game. But also their ability run the football knowing Oklahoma's offense of line probably better than Georgia's. And it's gonna need to do everything they can contain Quinton Williams Jonathan Williams in Isaiah bugs with talented, Alabama defensive line. I would think they're going to have some success here in even talking to mail Alabama people they believe Oklahoma's gonna have successor. I just don't think you're going to stop Oklahoma's offense consistently like Lincoln Riley is next level. He's gonna have a good game plan here. He's going to have a good script. Here. We saw a season ago against a much better SEC defense in Georgia in this exact game. So I I don't think there's any question of that Cuyler Murray is certainly extremely talented savings doing his usual gamesmanship, retain, right? Call Cuyler the best player in college football that gets defense motivated..

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