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See Trojans fight on Tier Los Angeles Getty Right. Do that to a clock. I'm Kevin Trap. The presidential race remains too close to call. Georgia is perhaps the closest state Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger is urging residents of all parties to have faith in the election process has final votes are counted. We're committed to doing anything and everything. To maintaining trust in our electoral process here for every Georgian Regardless of partisan preference, officials say less than 1600 votes separate President Donald Trump from Joe Biden in the latest count earlier today, Roethlisberger declared that will be a recount in the state due to the thin margin between the two candidates. Biden recently over took the lead in Georgia, which would give him 16 electoral votes. If he wins it. President Trump's campaign is pursuing legal action in several states. Biden addresses the nation Live tonight here at 5 P.m. on ABC. Los Angeles District attorney Jackie Lacey concedes to challenger and former San Francisco Diego George Gascon. I congratulate George Gascon and his team on their expected victory. Lacey has been chief law enforcement officer for eight years. The race drew national attention and big money donors from outside of Los Angeles Gas. Goan, a former LAPD assistant chief, positioned himself as a reformer in the race against Lacey. Much of his support came from wealthy donors. The majority of Lacey's financial support came from law enforcement groups..

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