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I and i turn down i i do i i turn them down because i i try not to be rude i say look i really appreciate it. And it's not really my avenue where you guys approach things. I appreciate it. You know It's they're the same people that several years ago in front of a few friends asked me to. Uh if i was willing to make stories for a an episode which now you're blaming yet okay. So what's going on right now. And i'm sorry charlie. I am listening. But out the window. I keep seeing flickers of light and it was like orbs that are flying by the window. So i've been dreaming. Keep an eye on them and watch him but with it is is the reflection of how he's had the wave of light and hit the it looks like little awards and the way. He knew neither brighter or denver. And i'm trying to figure out what it is and then notice the you know the correlation between how he's head moving in the in the light so i wanna don't be good. You said that because we are putting together right we we. We are are offering a select group of people to come here Hopefully in twenty twenty one to the cabinet three sixty charlie. I would love to extend that invitation for you to join us that weekend and actually experience. This location. The cabin at three sixty men historic mechanicsville. Oh yeah i mean that would be absolutely amazing I definitely love to be honored to. I think it would just be a matter of when you're doing it and see if i can get everything worked out. I think that would be fantastic. That'd be great because we We have several of our friends that are high profile then in the paranormal community That we're all gonna be getting together And coming here to the cabin and setting that up for ryan and dennis ryan jones and dennis s lot here at the cabin three sixty so i will get you the dates. I think this is awesome because like you said cat. You're seeing things. I know kim's been feeling things. Now we are in an actress site to Well no no. Because i'm wearing pollutants tonight and on the first hour. Charlie i lose my right. And i was looking past kim's back and i could see manipulation out in the foyer area but while we were on a break i was outside and i.

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