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Sixty billion dollars more for disaster relief loan Sox's Jerry helper at the capitol house speaker Nancy Pelosi says more money for testing puts us closer to getting back to normal key to opening up our economy the key opening that door the threshold we must cost is a scientific one and a new study suggests the number of New York state residents infected by the virus may actually be ten times greater than the number of infections confirmed by testing and that as many as one million new York city residents may have the virus most without getting seriously ill more encouraging numbers from Dr Debra birch of the corona virus task force if you look at Monday's over Monday's if you look at seven day reporting we are starting to go downloading optimism from vice president pence people continue to properly exercise social distancing as as recommended in each phase that in combination with some of these findings could well give us a summer respite from the coronavirus Georgia's governor Brian camp going ahead with plans today to allow some nonessential businesses to re open barber shops beauty shops tattoo parlors among them with dine in restaurants open by Monday but Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected today to extend her stay at home orders until may fifteenth state lawmakers consider revoking some of her powers Asian stocks closing Friday lower Dow futures are trading about sixty points lower crude oil.

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