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This is this is the problem that I have. So she had her exhusband is dark. She has a black guy. Yeah. She has dark children and when I went through her images is like as the years progress, it's almost like she whitewashed her life you don't see any. Anywhere. You don't see the ex husband likes she dated Montel Williams four minute and you. See absolutely shoes suit Blatt wrote. It was. Way. Down Traveling Hardaway. Jordan. Does like the. Maybe. Nine. Maybe much. told. Tale. Over. Member I don't remember. PUTS. US. All I've seen. Reports. Oh Now the talk so. Like him to. Images as I was going through Google, over years, it's like she whitewashed. Deeper she got into politics and I. Just I don't know just had a slight problem, it seems shallow but this is slightly deeper. Reasoning to it because I don't Wanna I don't want to claim her personal. I? Feel kind of funny. But that's what it felt like when I saw the image I don't care that she has a white husband. I think probably gonNA help her to. She's not going to appear to be to to to go black. Right but A lot of bosses Oh and I don't know if you guys noticed you guys may senior. Joe. Biden. Like they home he's. Joe Biden's son. ME. No I think they like all they this around the same age. I think her I think actually her GIOVE-A. I think her. Maybe it is. Maybe maybe he. Had No White But but yeah, I think I heard. Joe In a commodore like real like tight. And that thing like when you when she attacked him at the debates about the saints come on your buying this shit are you? By what they got, there's really tight and like they go get ribs I definitely think earned her son home he's lie while you. Because they told you that you think that's all of them hanging out and I can show you pictures of me and a lot of people. City. Yellow. Wolf. But that's that's that's another factor if true if. You think it's going to take before. Biden calls are like my sister or homegirl. Probably Someone in public I. Thought you were going to say. Give like a wider amount of time. Thank you. Brother has. Publico he's he says whatever the fuck. Yes he's all he'll know better. Oh to. Watch him. Now coming to the stage is my homegirl. Kamala Kamala Jenkins tears come on up Kamala off the cabbage patch into. Right, he can be like, go go. I immediately saw Barney circle was that the. Yeah. I know you had to leave early. Is a good pick though it'll work which you hadn't. So, in. y'All probably follow her on facebook somebody posted a conversation that was on the shade room that that garnered a lot of conversation and basically goes a text message between. So people who were dating the woman has two children. Three children's saw that the woman has three children by two different fathers and she text the gentleman who she's dating, which is none of the children's fathers. Said her kid at the last minute had field trip. She's twenty dollars. Can you hold let me twenty dollars right and dues like we'll whereas dazzling. Can you. Let me hold twenty dollars basically saying that's not my problem. You Know Sweetie you need to get with your father's it's not my responsibility to take care of your kids current girlfriend. Girlfriend. How long we don't know that we apparently he says that they weren't dating that long. Really that's that's that's what I was reading. Okay, they're more. Now. That's really it. So the question was, is he wrong or is he right? Is He wrong so not give twenty dollars for her kids. So I think Ken ex very valid question about how long has had they been dating. I mean 'cause 'cause sick about it like naked. Say about me at about her y'all are married you can't. Get it ourselves before we. Dated for a very long time. So like. The Funeral. How long we were dating like I'll be straight asshole to be like. Well. You know. Puff all the responsibility while I got it would you be straight asshole for being like? Go to their dad did you even ask the Dad and if the answer is no then why the fuck are you coming to me in my pocket but she says, she did. Did ask the Dad do you have the conversation pulled up there? Yes. Let's quote. So she says I need twenty dollars twenty dollars to do web eight. He sees as my kids trip tomorrow name tell me till today. Dan as is not going to go because you they told you to. Stay Awhile. He's Bay. You're going to have to ask the kids father for that is the she say, you know what I don't WanNa. Tell you know. He's says, okay. Didn't it was fun while it lasted me giving you money will never work unless you're my wife and I'm sorry you got three kids and fathers for those kids. Those man gotTa give you that Money Sweetie. So she did not say she checked. So that is that's my only issue with that. Now, she said, well, ask them and they don't have any money. But you know. Can you spot me? Okay, fine. But you didn't even ask fuck out of my face. Do you think. Got A couple of yeah. Yeah. Do.

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