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There was basically just like it was like. Like, a big cave that was on fire. Yeah. So you see a lot of that. Which also kind of ridiculous when you think of caves like would of course, it would be more of a cramped environment. But despite all these big wide open spaces we see particularly in western Christian traditions as Alice Cape Turner points out in her book, the history of hell eastern influence Byzantine. Art, often depicts the damned in isolated boxes. And I actually looked up some pictures of this and indeed in Byzantine art, you'll see these little cubes almost like a cube farm situation. But instead of each cube containing a desk and a computer or what have you it contains a pair of centers in some state of torment. I guess it really forces. You to ask is hell would a true hell be more open office plan or a cubicle farm. I think it would be more cubicle. And I think we see that by looking again, we can look to cinematic inspiration. We can look to the modern secular hell's that? Being interrogation rooms and also, torture rooms, torture chambers, and dungeons that we see in so many different works of fiction see in so many films and movies right holding sales interrogation cells and cells of torture, and when I think of excellent cinematic, torture Rams my mind, which sometimes they do my mind inevitably goes to David Cronenberg's, nineteen Eighty-three film video drum. Yeah. The the show you only see them watching on TV right, unless you unless you have the special criterion collection edition, then you get to watch all the footage and you wash it all. Yeah. I watched it yesterday. The FedEx man came while. I was doing it was a little weird. But but at any rate part of the plot in this this film is that there is this kind of guerrilla radio transmission or pirate radio transmission that they pick up that is just this orange sort of a dusky red orange room. And and I'll explain describe that room a little bit more as as as we come back to it. But it is a it is a very unpleasant looking room, even before you really notice any unpleasantness happening in it. We I think the ideas that he was Kronenbourg was just trying to come up with. What would be the most depraved possible TV program, you Agean, and it's just this ugly room with the person being tortured and with no plot. Yeah. I'll go into scrub this room for anyone who either hasn't seen the film hasn't seen it in a while. It's again, this dusky red color, and then the opposing wall is clay this big slab of clay. It's also of that coloration. The slab of clay is apparently electrified in order to allow the tormentors to push people up against it. And then they will then they'll be shocked by it. And the there's like a water trough in front of or at the base of that Klay slab. And then there's also this area of black grading on the floor. In the the main video that that is picked up in. This transmission, the lighting is also just kind of I don't know what the term is just kind of like a noxious uneven lighting, we see it lit are typically later and like dream sequence. But in these transmissions is just ugly lighting, it looks like an ugly, wet dank cold lonely room, and then on top of that people are tortured in it. So this is your gold standard for the ultimate unpleasant space. Right. Okay. Now, we have stipulated as as I said earlier. No, torture, right?.

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