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A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know number one Gallup poll out they pull happiness satisfaction with your life and it's a records it is a record right now despite media telling you everyone hates trump is making life miserable apparently Gallup is just found a new high for Americans new high of ninety percent of Americans satisfied with their personal life man this trump guys gotta go yes second thing I think you need to know jobs report absolutely epic two hundred twenty five thousand jobs added two hundred twenty five thousand jobs added end up flatter ther flat wager Elizabeth Warren has been going around and even the resin Joe Biden to lying right to our twenty five thousand jobs at his post be hundred fifty eight thousand one of the experts average hourly wording average hourly earnings rose three point one percent over a year ago so they're up three point percent get this I just put this on my Facebook page the screenshots three point one percent hourly earnings to run a rose year over year ahead of the estimate of three percent growth and it marked eighteen consecutive months of wage gains above three percent eighty two point was two point nine percent for December was revised up to three so with that eighteen straight months of wage gains and Elizabeth Warren going around telling people on national TV and the letter do it well we have a flat wages lies third thing I think you needed to know is that the New Hampshire primary not look good for Joe Biden latest WCVB WBZ poll and some need for Paul Bernie it dot com Bernie twenty four kami P. to twenty three focus on just a liar thirteen and Joe Biden eleven he's a disaster they're preparing for another bad day never loss they don't know what to do they actually had Biden take the day off yesterday flooded Delaware to meet with people to figure out how the hell to turn this thing around good luck with that there is no answer three things I think you need to know so yeah all they do with the media you know the attack trip we watched everything right you will you watch you heard what trump said yesterday was positive he was thankful he was gracious he was celebrating I could take a breath my family can finally relax this nightmare is over three plus years I mean really almost five years since he came down an escalator with money thank any of the media lies to us this is terrible it's dark he's he's a psycho blah blah blah but come on Rick but this is what they do they let them go Nancy Pelosi claim that trouble lie the state of the union didn't name the lies and tore it up nobody challengers a can you tell us allies no no no but go back to Liz with warm if you don't mind about the the flat wages the flat wages and then we'll get the Bernie Sanders Anderson Cooper thank the actually thinks he's a serious journalist in the guise of a clown car he doesn't challenge it doesn't say that's not true do you not know the information I just know again I just told you about the wages right I said Elizabeth Warren lies about it I approve fears Elizabeth Warren's words on CNN Wednesday here we go and the next thing you know we have in America with the GDP keeps going all poor corporate profits keep going up where where the stock market keeps going up hard working families have slapped wages and rising expenses that's not true three point eighteen consecutive months of wage gains above three percent and there's a Goober just sent their owner who do there's a debate I don't know what channels on tonight is it is a Democrat debate tonight most people watch it because it what the hell's the point right you'd go be happy if you watch the debate that's going to significantly drop the ninety percent of Americans happy with a personal life the Gallup poll could you watch that can make you miserable or you're gonna laugh whatever I guarantee you show she and biting others will say the same thing well might be a good jobs report it either gonna ask about that well done the jobs find you know people there the wages aren't there the wait is that they're not making any more money we can go back to Joe Biden sound bites we have in the system where he says the same thing I guarantee we have it written interview robin Roberts last year he said I just I just look at people's eyes I can tell you know it's not that will get after we get it let's go to burning his last night Bernie they that beta town hall and C. N. N. their ratings are terrible because all they do is give these Democrats air time over and over interested in good questions Bernie Sanders again when will people finally realize Bernie Sanders is a giant had read the Bernie fans a they just they they were they they'll never actually snap out of a trance the kami trance Bernie remember Bernie has spend more on private jet flight then any twenty twenty candidate so far over one point two million dollars in the last quarter twenty nineteen that's all it is yeah he says climate change is the greatest threat of the planets on his website talks about all the time he actually said about the state of the union he was shocked that a president in twenty twenty never even addressed climate change yeah that was his reaction to the state of use outraged how is that possible is what he said quote in the year twenty twenty how can a president of the United States give a state of the union speech and not.

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