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By Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad to fifteen Dave Preston are you on the Tom Brady watch yes I am today was the wrong data where my vintage patriots here let me tell ya did it well yeah I know the six time Super Bowl winner announced via social media earlier that he is leaving New England after twenty seasons with the team seventeen AFC east championships and six super bowl wins how Fox Sports is reporting that Brady is closing in on a deal with Tampa Bay the Los Angeles Chargers also a team expected in the mix for the free agent New Orleans reportedly has reached a two year fifty million dollar contract with drew Brees Carolina releasing a statement the Panthers quarterback cam Newton we'll be moving on the Redskins most recent move sending former skin's defensive back Kendall fuller to a four year forty million dollar deal horse racing Kentucky Derby in tennis is French Open have been both have both been postponed to this fall September no word on whether or not the Preakness will join the derby in this fall as far as horse racing is concerned women's college basketball Maryland finishes fourth in the final so seated press poll of the season turf won their final seventeen games the Maryland men won a share of the regular season big ten title but like many of us coach mark Turgeon's March was derailed so I woke up Saturday morning and cleaned out a closet cleaned out the storage room and worked on it was ten thirty in the morning and I was just like okay this into work I mean it's just so used to being busy and and and then also and you didn't have much to do working out before ten thirty in the morning on a Saturday coach church in even in the off season you still got something honest Preston WTOP sports all right thanks so much Dave up ahead on WTOP we've got the latest on our forecast and then we'll get you a round up of the corona virus breaking events of the day two seventeen eight commercial message this is bishop Michael Burbidge of the diocese of Arlington as our nation and the world is gripped with fear about the spread of corona virus and the uncertainty that lies ahead of us in the months to come let us pray together Jesus son of god you were sent by the father to bear our weakness be with us in this time of crisis see full savior he and comfort the sick so that with health restored they may give you pre divine physician the company our care givers so they're serving with patience Amy he'll wisely eternal wisdom guide our leaders seeking remedies they may follow your light priced even went to protect us in body and spirit so they're free from harm we may be delivered from all sections littering with god the father in the unity of the Holy Spirit for ever and ever Tuesday afternoon to eighteen traffic.

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