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Hi, Eric. How are you? Guys. How are you doing? Yeah, Good. Good. How excited are you were getting excited about this thing. We're debating whether it would be cool. It would be really cool if it was just for a playoff spot. But it is cool that they got the 10 and we'll see who is Who's the eight there? The 78. Yeah. We were talking about that on our broadcast last night because the Grizzlies had to Secure that Sunday was from the eighth spot. They had to beat Sacramento and For a minute. It was looking like that might not happen, but they gunned down and came back with 12 will run to close it out. But I think it's really fun. I do think like you said it would be better if it was just for one spot. You know you're in it, but I think the advantage of being the eight Even if you have to go on the road, you have to be beating twice. And obviously for Golden State. That means Steph Curry not doing Steph Curry things two games in a row, which is highly unlikely, which obviously makes Grizzlies fans very, very nervous. You got to go through the Lakers or possibly Dallas. Whoever ends up in that seven seed, obviously. Phoenix coming back and winning that game against Portland may have shaken that up last night, but on I wouldn't count out San Antonio. My gosh, They're playing great basketball right now. They lost last night, but they put 144 against Milwaukee on the border. But above that, and it's just ridiculous. So I think it's fun. I understand the gripes. The players have because I think Would feel the same way after 82 games of five slots, grasping claws and seen that was three games behind me had this almost the same shot. I did if I was in the eighth, and they were the tents of the ninth, So you know, I think it's fun for right now, because of all the things we've gone through the league trying to spice it up and get people to watch and Who's not gonna watch if it's Stephan LeBron and you know in the 78, or even if it's a young Grizzlies team, LeBron or whatever. But Sunday's game now takes center stage because of that, and I think that makes it a lot of fun. Yeah, I listened back to your broadcast this morning on the N V, a at the archives and you do a hell of a job and you're just so much fun. I could hear your talk radio. Style. Come out a little bit. Tell the audience you are from Walnut Creek. You went to UC Davis. You worked up in sack on Raiders games. Just give us a little background on your on your bio here. Well, you've had an influence on that because I grew up listening to you. My father had lived in Walnut Creek A and moved there in high school, a split time between there in Sacramento. As a kid. I grew up in Danville, and before I kind of boomed and went to the John Baldwin and, um, you know was around some great players back then that they end up being professional athletes. Randy Winn. Lived on my block again. Mandy Tarpley, who played baseball Cal, and I think he's now a head coach in high school and in Bay Area was just a phenomenal baseball player. And then I was fortunate enough to go to Dallas Al for my four years of high school with Barry Boys, Brent was a year older and Drew was in my class and really got to know them. And, you know, after two years of thinking, I knew everything and trying to go to Southern California I realized that much rather be helped North transferred back towards home and That's where you know the radio dream kind of happened. I had a friend that we would talk all the time. He worked for his dad's auto, part auto dealership and driving the parts truck and listened all day that knbr and so he said, You know, you sound a lot like those guys on the radio. When we talk. Maybe you should look into that. Thankfully, at Davis, there was a radio station and When I got there, I just said had, I'd really enjoy trying that out. I was working with the guy in the Internal Department did it and we'll come spring. They needed someone to talk baseball and I knew a lot about baseball stuff. I still follow baseball closely on a huge a span and still watch Out here a bunch and, um, it's just I fell in love with it. And I remember the first game I did, you know, for Davis football, and it was awful and it was everything about it was terrible. And I learned about preparation and, you know, knowing what you needed to say on the fly. I think I'll never forget this. I know it's a long winded answer. I'm sorry. Great. Great. No, I love it. I love your Larry tales. Great to hear people out there listening could be inspired by you, Eric. They could go into the business. I would. I would hope not. I would hope they would get into a field where they don't have to live on Stop Rahman. Two years, But I learned I learned to make it gourmet. But I guess my favorite thing I remember about the whole journey was we were playing ST Mary's when they still had a football team. And at Davis. They had a really nice press box for the commercial station and a really old rickety one for the campus station, which I was in, and the associate athletic director Larry Swanson. He was kind of over us came in, and he He said. I need to talk to you at halftime, and I'm I'm a kid in college. I'm thinking, okay. I've said something wrong. I'm about to get fired this This was fun, but I guess it's not for me and he came in and looked at me said What are you doing in here? I had no idea what I was supposed to answer. I just said I don't know what you mean. But I'm just trying to call the game well, half of our alumni and season ticket holders have switched to the campus station and said that you're doing a phenomenal job. And I was like, OK, and he goes well, keep it up, and I didn't know I just Knew had prepared more. And so I learned that night what that was about. I honestly thought I would always kind of End up toward the NFL. I used to cover them when you were calling the games. Gregg I would listen on my way back to our station to do our postgame show. And, um, you know, I had a couple of conversations with teams when they had openings around 4001 and They didn't work out. As you know, the business is incredibly competitive. And then all the sudden Vancouver moves to Memphis. There's an opening and I get a phone call from the station out here on like the September 11th and they said, Hey, we need to fly out to Memphis. I said, I'm not sure if you've been watching the news, but I'm not sure when anybody's gonna fly again, but I assume that they can get out there. So on day another as they say, The rest is history. I fell in love with the organization and It's a different place to live in. It's much more laid back, but there's there's parts of it that I am not Superfund out. But there's parts of it that I love. And the best part is that the people I work with and the team I work for. They just treat us like we're part of the family and And that's what you can ask for in a smaller market. I growing up a Warriors fan. I think you guys would understand that even though it's a major market team that sand Bass was tight, and that was that was almost like a small market fan base, the loyalty and the things people went through before they got good. And I always laugh when people out here say all I hate the lawyers because they bought a championship. I'm like, Are you out of your mind? Like 19 out of 20 years? That team in San Francisco Bay area did not make the playoffs. They built it with great draft picks with smart decisions, and then when they were awesome, an awesome player just happened to be able to sign there. And so they became even better. So your hatred is rooted in nothing but you know, non fax, and I think that's what I've always respected about them. And, you know, you guys know Raymond Ridder he gave me The thrill of a lifetime being able to go see Game six, the final game and Oracle because that's where I grew up going with my father before he passed away, So I got a lot of respect for that organization. Sunday is gonna be a lot of fun. I don't see I want the Grizzlies to win. But if the Warriors went and I'm not gonna go home, you know and pick up a piece of furniture because I'm upset because I think that they played terrific basketball..

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